April 2024


Directing a winning lab

March 25, 2024
Avera McKennan’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine was MLO’s 2023 Lab of the Year. One thing that set your lab apart was your use of data analytics to...
Lab Safety

Product Focus - Lab Safety

March 25, 2024
Implement a laboratory safety program CLSI GP17 was written for laboratorians who are responsible for developing and implementing a safety program. Aspects of a safety program...
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Molecular testing supports early, effective use of ESR1-targeting therapies

March 25, 2024
A very important change in the breast cancer treatment landscape has made it necessary to expand access to routine testing for acquired genetic variants in patients: the availability...
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How addressing bullying in medical labs will improve overall retention

March 25, 2024
It is well established that medical laboratories continue to face an unprecedented staffing crisis that is putting a strain on patient care and healthcare systems across the country...
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The role of training in error prevention for clinical laboratory professionals

Every day, clinical laboratory professionals stand at the vanguard of patient safety by ensuring that errors in laboratory testing are either prevented or identified and managed...

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Transforming infection detection with the CBC-Diff

In a world overpopulated by pathogens, the human immune system has evolved to protect against pathogens that are, themselves, continually evolving. Host immune response to infection...
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2024 Lab of the Year Runner Up: Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories

March 25, 2024
Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories (WDL) is one of the recipients of MLO’s 2024 Lab of the Year Runner Up Awards! WDL is located in the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center ...
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2024 Lab of the Year Runner Up: Southwest Transplant Alliance Laboratory Services

March 25, 2024
Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) Laboratory Services is one of MLO’s 2024 Lab of the Year Runner Ups! STA is one of the largest federally designated organ procurement...
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Salem Health Laboratories at Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics — Continuous and sustained commitment to excellence

March 25, 2024
Medical Laboratory Observer’s 2024 Lab of the Year is the Salem Health Laboratories at Salem Health Hospitals and Clinics. Salem Health Laboratories employs 226 people and...
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Neurofilament light chain: Unraveling the diagnostic and prognostic threads in neurological disorders

The pathological foundation of numerous acute and chronic neurological disorders, leading to enduring disability, lies in neuroaxonal damage and loss. The capability to easily...

Realizing the Potential of Digital Pathology

March 25, 2024
To take the April CE test online go HERE. For more information, visit the Continuing Education tab. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this article, the reader will be able...

Happy Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!

March 25, 2024
This year, Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is celebrated April 14–20. This week highlights the vital role played by laboratory professionals and pathologists in diagnostic...