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Diasorin receives FDA de-Novo grant for the Simplexa C. auris Direct assay on the LIAISON MDX instrument

July 19, 2024
Simplexa C. auris Direct is a is a real-time polymerase chain reaction assay run on the LIAISON MDX instrument for the direct in vitro qualitative detection of Candida auris DNA...
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FDA permits marketing of point-of-care hepatitis C RNA test

July 2, 2024
Test enables single-visit testing and treatment for hepatitis C.
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Diagnostic stewardship approach to C. diff reduces unnecessary testing

July 1, 2024
New study from South Florida highlights the benefits of a clearly defined, evidence-based test ordering process.
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Using self-administered cognitive test in primary care offices increased early diagnosis of cognitive disorders by six times

June 25, 2024
Study finds the SAGE Test can be used in tight time constraints of routine appointments to improve timely diagnosis and treatment.
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HORIBA launches new compact hematology analyzers with combined ESR and CBC/DIFF

June 24, 2024
Yumizen H550 range expands to affordably introduce new applications and configurable hematology options for small to mid-throughput laboratories.

Product Focus - Analyzers, Rapid Testing & Bench Top Testing

June 24, 2024
New workflow for automated tuberculosis testing The combination of Revvity’s T-SPOT.TB test with the Auto-Pure 2400 liquid handler from Allsheng enables labs to efficiently...

Best practices in preanalytical sample quality: Managing and preventing in vitro hemolysis in the emergency department

June 24, 2024
Laboratory errors can lead to errors in diagnosis and may cause increased costs, unnecessary testing and/or treatment, and adverse patient outcomes. Approximately 60–70%...
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