Thermo Fisher Scientific launches novel personal dosimetry device to monitor radiation exposure in real time 

June 11, 2024
New release. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the launch of the Thermo Scientific NetDose Pro digital dosimeter, a wearable, connected device for monitoring radiation.  

This compact instrument is designed to track and inform radiation exposure risk for personnel in a variety of industries – such as healthcare – and help companies adhere to stringent regulatory requirements. The new instrument does this by continuously measuring radiation levels and transmitting the data to either a personal mobile application or a web-based user interface, keeping both personal and customer information secure during the process.  

The dosimeter uses Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology to connect to a gateway data router and/or the NetDose mobile app, transmitting accurate and rapid data to an interface where users can monitor radiation levels and generate reports, as well as assign devices to wearers and manage their entire dosimetry system.   

Each dosimeter can be individually programmed to transmit data at scheduled intervals, while the wearer can read radiation levels on-demand via a button found on the device. Importantly, the entire system – NetDose Pro, gateway router, mobile app and user interface – is secure, and the NetDose Pro only stores measured radiation dose data in its memory, omitting customer and wearer information.