Nomination deadline for Lab Innovators Worth Watching extended one week

June 1, 2021

What makes lab innovators worth watching or following? What are they doing and why do they matter in the areas of cost-cutting, error reduction, efficiency-driven, clinically motivated and customer-centric concepts, ideas, activities and outcomes? Within your organization, who’s doing top-notch, innovative work?

At MLO, we plan to publish mini profiles of these organizations and/or lab leaders in our August edition. We’d like your help in suggesting, justifying, and validating these organizations and individuals.

Nominees can be individuals, teams, or departments within the clinical lab organization.

Nomination requirements:

1.      What/who are the top three to five hospital laboratory organizations and/or leaders you’d recommend for consideration? Please list the individual and/or organization name, location, contact person and contact information including email address and phone number.

2.       For each of the recommendations above, please highlight in bullet point and/or paragraph form why you believe this organization’s laboratory operations are ones to watch and perhaps emulate? Please provide as many relevant and salient details as possible to “sell” your nomination(s).

Nominate your team at: [email protected]

Deadline: Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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