Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new ion chromatography instrument

Feb. 15, 2024
New Thermo Scientific Dionex Inuvion Ion Chromatography System streamlines ion analysis and expands analytical testing capabilities for ionic and small polar compounds.

To support a wider range of ion chromatography analysis with one instrument, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., launched the Thermo Scientific Dionex Inuvion Ion Chromatography (IC) system.

The Dionex Inuvion IC system equips environmental, industrial, municipal water, and food and beverage labs with the necessary equipment to determine ionic contaminants in water. The technology also helps identify corrosive contaminants in oil and gas, as well as provide quality assurance and quality control of small ionic compounds in food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

The Dionex Inuvion system helps meet labs’ needs to operate more efficiently with easily configurable workflows and a small footprint. The flexible platform can be tailored to meet current analytical requirements and helps extend IC capabilities to adapt to changing sample types and workflow requirements in the future more easily and cost-effectively.

The Dionex Inuvion IC system features new advanced pump technology that improves speed, quality, and reproducibility; operator-friendly engineering to enhance the operator experience; and user-installable accessories.

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