Thermo Fisher-Qiagen acquisition terminated

Aug. 14, 2020

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that its offer to acquire all of the ordinary shares of QIAGEN has lapsed. According to a press release from Thermo Fisher, certain terms set forth in the acquisition agreement were not met within the specified time.

Based on information provided by the settlement agents for the offer, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft and American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, QIAGEN shares, representing 47.02 percent of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of QIAGEN, were validly tendered into the offer. Accordingly, the minimum acceptance threshold condition to the offer had not been satisfied, and the offer has lapsed in accordance with its terms.

Thermo Fisher has terminated the acquisition agreement with QIAGEN, and QIAGEN will pay to Thermo Fisher an expense reimbursement payment of USD 95 million in cash in accordance with the terms of the acquisition agreement.

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