EKF Diagnostics opens new R&D facility in UK

Sept. 27, 2019

EKF Diagnostics, a global in vitro diagnostics company, announced that it has opened a new Research & Development facility at its Cardiff, UK headquarters. The new Special Projects Laboratory will focus on developing new applications for EKF’s many point-of-care and central laboratory medical products to enable the Company to enter new market sectors, as well as providing additional diagnostics sales and regulatory support.

The addition of this new UK-based laboratory brings the total number of EKF’s worldwide R&D facilities to five, with 25 research staff. As well as the new UK laboratory, EKF operates two research sites in Germany focusing on developing EKF’s point-of-care analyzers. There are also two US-based facilities in Bourne and Elkhart which respectively develop EKF’s central laboratory clinical chemistry applications, as well as custom fermentation / bioprocessing and purification procedures for life science and pharmaceuticals industries.

EKF’s Cardiff-based laboratory complements and supports EKF’s other global R&D facilities by focusing on product application development and some aspects of data support. The two new research scientists based there will also investigate how EKF products can bring benefits to new markets beyond healthcare and diagnostics, such as the veterinary, food and brewing industries.

In addition, the new laboratory will provide diagnostics sales support through product comparisons and new technology evaluations. Its regulatory support work will include data generation for new territory registrations across the world, as well as claim support for existing products where more data may be required. The lab will also help EKF’s other R&D teams during product development by aiding with bench work and sample testing that can otherwise slow down product launches. For example, the lab will be key in implementing suggestions from the FDA regarding a new product registration in the USA.

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