Roche to showcase how health networks are driving change through innovation in the lab and beyond

Aug. 6, 2019

Roche is launching its presence at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) 2019 Clinical Lab Expo in Anaheim by showcasing how health networks are driving change in the lab and beyond. The Roche booth (#1013) will feature customer testimonials about how Roche has helped make change possible at their healthcare institutions:

  • Summit Medical Group: Shifted from antigen-based RIDTs to molecular point-of-care(POC) testing for Influenza A/B, RSV and Strep A, which resulted in faster diagnosis and therapeutic intervention.
  • Huntsville Hospital: Transformed the lab through total automation, which resulted in greater consolidation and standardization, expanded lab services, increased testing capacity without adding more employees, reduced send-out test volume, and improved employee satisfaction.
  • Advent Health: Partnered with Roche to rebuild their lab from the ground up, which resulted in creating a more efficient lab through automation and increasing patient satisfaction through timely test results.

 The Roche booth will also feature the latest solutions from the company’s clinical lab portfolio, including chemistry, molecular and point-of-care diagnostics, automation and digital diagnostics.

 Roche continues to expand the Integrated Core Lab by consolidating and integrating a wider range of platforms across other disciplines that include molecular diagnostics and testing in coagulation, Hematology, and urinalysis. Roche solutions are also designed to address the lab’s future needs, with pre-analytics and the next generation of automation that provides the ability to expand into liquid based cytology and compatible analytics, all potentially connectable.

 The automation area will include a fully automated configuration of an integrated core lab that consolidates routine chemistry and molecular testing.

 Highlighted products in the booth include: cobas pro integrated solutions, cobas prime, cobas e 801 module, cobas c 513 analyzer, cobas 6800 system, cobas Connection Module (CCM), and cobas Liat PCR system.

 The booth also includes a futures area that offers a glimpse into diagnostics products that are not yet available for sale in the U.S. In addition, Roche is continuing its commitment to discuss critical industry issues by sponsoring two workshops in conjunction with the AACC 2019 annual meeting.

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