December 2019 Product Focus – LIS

Nov. 25, 2019

Integrated software solution

Orchard Trellis is an advanced POCT management and integration software solution providing remote administration of POCT activities across multiple locations, including device and operator competency assessment tracking. It transmits POCT results to the LIS/EHR, reducing manual entry errors and automating billing. High flexibility levels are offered in its implementation for various scenarios, enabling POCT programs to help providers make faster clinical decisions, include POCT results in analytics and promote patient satisfaction. Orchard Software

Customizable, task-based LIS

Sunquest CoPathPlus LIS offers a highly customizable, task-based user experience aimed at the most complex Anatomic Pathology (AP) lab operations, while monitoring cost and resource savings, interoperability and improved outcomes. It has a targeted focus on AP/CP integration to help drive greater workflow efficiency across disciplines, improve TAT and influence patient outcomes, resulting in increased automation, digital pathology integration, molecular and genetics testing and more. Sunquest Information Systems

User-friendly LIS design

CGMs LABDAQ has a user-friendly LIS design that allows users to customize the homescreen with shortcuts to frequently used reports and system functions. Shortcut keys, stored report parameters and queries increase productivity, whle user-defined rules minimize errors and increase efficiency through automation. Order-routing rules send orders to the appropriate reference lab, ensuring reimbursement accuracy for tests performed. Through medical necessity checking, integrated access to updated CodeMap data files and an automatic Advanced Beneficiary Notice alert, it maximizes reimbursements for Medicare testing. CompuGroup Medical

Web-based QC/QA software

Clinical Software Solutions announces a new web-based QC/QA software product to provide more functionality and usability for labs, healthcare facilities and other quality control field specialists. The software can consolidate electronic and manual QC data for monthly reports, as well as track lab incidents and device or routine lab maintenance tasks. It includes QA functions in one application to simplify lab monitoring and reporting, allowing valuable insight into a lab’s QC/QA activity. CLIN1 Web QC

U.S-based LIS company

NovoPath is a U.S-based LIS company with over 25 years of experience serving the Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Molecular and Genetic Testing and Clinical Trials markets. Clients include national and regional reference labs, university and teaching hospitals, regional and community hospitals and specialty labs. Their mission is to provide unique and unparalleled solutions and services to all aspects of the diagnostic lab sector in a way that improves workflow, reduces human error probability, ensures accurate results for greater patient safety, protects patient confidentiality and produces more precise and informative diagnostic outcomes. NovoPath

Efficient LIS

SchuyLab is an easy-to-use LIS which improves user ability to perform routine tasks at a high rate of efficiency and accuracy. It has integrated software that provides a variety of options for results delivery, management, overview and billing process procedures. Known globally as an essential component of lab operation in hospitals, reference labs, POLS and veterinary facilities, the LIS virtually defines the parameters of modern lab medicine by the effectiveness of the tools for the lab, the physicians and the patients. Schuyler House

Full integration LIS

The LigoLab AP/LIS + RCM platform provides full integration, transparency and control of all workflows and departments for mid- to large-volume pathology and clinical labs. It’s designed to interface with any instrument/EHR, features a LEAN histology workflow, configurable patient report templates, automatic CPT/ICD coding, specimen tracking, a grossing touch screen and dictation capabilities. Also features send-out tracking, real-time address, eligibility verification/real-time insurance discovery at order entry, easy  configuration of remittance rules and billing strategies and claim status tracking. LigoLab

LIS for every lab size

Polytech LIS is a feature-packed solution that is easy to use and scalable to grow as your lab grows. Polytech LIS can expedite patient record processes, interface seamlessly with any number of applications and instruments, and automate data collection and reporting—all with zero downtime, and in compliance with state and federal regulations. Comp Pro Med

Flexible LIMS

LabWare’s LIMS provides clinical diagnostic labs with the flexibility to cope with evolving technologies, dynamic business and regulatory requirements. This powerful, enterprise-scale software solution includes a rules engine, configurable management and analyst dashboards, personnel training, document management tools and LDT method validation management for regulated environments. LabWare

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