May 2017 Product Focus – LIS

April 24, 2017
Integration and interfacing

xLAB LIS is a state-of-the art laboratory information system (LIS). Using the MySQL database and Crystal reports, it is user-friendly and accommodates multiple instrument integration, and interfacing for an EMR and billing system. Coupled with the xLAB reporting package, it accommodates reporting needs for moderately complex to highly complex lab requirements like pain management. The add-on xPortal Outreach gives the lab the ability to handle any number of remote locations for entering orders and obtaining results over the internet. Visit AP Visions

Manage orders within network

The Multi-Lab Network enables labs to manage orders within a lab network after a merger, acquisition, or alliance without the need to replace existing LIS or other IT infrastructure. ATLAS solutions address order management challenges that healthcare organizations face today. The solution supports test routing/sharing, consolidated reporting, customized workflow, and rules management capabilities with centralized administration for an entire network of labs and physician customers, including those using EMRs and other third-party middleware solutions, and enables labs to get the complete order information where it needs to be so they can perform the work and can get paid.  Visit ATLAS Medical

Optimize revenue, workflow

CGM LABDAQ from CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is an evolved laboratory information system (LIS). CGM LABDAQ empowers labs of all sizes to optimize revenue and improve customer retention by increasing efficiency, streamlining workflow, reducing turnaround times, and promoting patient safety. Rules-based technology supports compliance with best practices. Order routing rules can automatically order reference lab vs. in-house tests based on patient insurance to ensure reimbursement and minimize denials. Instrument data and quality control metrics are electronically captured and reviewed, and CGM LABDAQ integrates with billing systems and provides business decision support analytics.  Visit CGM

Easy-to-use system

Comp Pro Med developed the Polytech LIS in 1983. Polytech LIS is a robust, scalable, and affordable system with constantly updating features and functions based on customer input and industry requirements. Key benefits include: 1) The ability to implement a new LIS in days, not months; 2) An easy-to-use system that’s intuitive and straightforward; 3) A zero-downtime solution built on advanced industry technology; and 4) live human support to keep labs running smoothly. Visit Comp Pro Med

Inventory tracking

The InvMan software system streamlines reagent inventory tracking by scanning vendor reagent barcodes, tracking lot numbers and expiration dates, and prompting when and what to order. Features include: reagent package inserts, SOPs, SDS, and vendor contracts saved online for immediate access; instrument service with storage of field service report and life cycle tracking; and comprehensive management reports for reagent status, inventory, purchasing, off-site distribution, budgeting, and expense analysis. InvMan is accessed from multiple PCs on the network with no additional per user fee. Visit Cove Lab

Dashboard added

The NovoPath Dashboard has been added to NovoPath, Inc.’s NovoPath Anatomic Pathology Software Platform. Having the ability to monitor operational efficiency “real-time” is crucial to a lab’s success in today’s time-pressed anatomic pathology environment. NovoPath’s dashboard displays real-time information such as the number of cases accessioned, grossed, pending, resulted, and released.  The dashboard can be customized to provide each user with the information that matters most to them, allowing the users to monitor processes impacting their functional activity. Visit NovoPath

POCT management

The Orchard  Trellis offers POCT management and integration tools to address the complexities and diversity of POCT situations and ease the workload for POC coordinators. In addition to capturing results in real-time into the EHR, Trellis can track training and competency assessments for a multitude of operators, devices, and locations to help ensure quality of testing and meet inspection requirements. Trellis supports remote handling of POCT QC, automates billing, and provides a full menu of reports. Depending on the POCT devices, Orchard offers options for users to access the POCT software alongside the test device, or the device can be “docked” to directly load results into the LIS and EHR. Orchard Trellis can handle the POCT connectivity and management needs of today’s integrated healthcare facilities and organizations. Visit Orchard Software

End-to-end solution

GeneInsight is a software platform that delivers an end-to-end solution—from sample receipt to final report, encompassing both the wet (LIMS), and dry (Analysis) lab operations for molecular and genetic testing. Specializing in molecular lab automation, GeneInsight simplifies complex workflow, sample, and resource management and provides a complete chain-of-custody audit trail with interactive dashboards to monitor lab operations. The platform also streamlines the analysis, interpretation, and management of genetic data and facilitates actionable report creation and delivery so that physicians can leverage the power of precision medicine in their everyday diagnosis and treatment of patients. Visit GeneInsight

Interlaboratory program

Participation in an interlaboratory program is important for laboratories to help ensure the reliability and precision of test systems. The Unity Interlaboratory Program provides information and helps to improve laboratory analytical performance. The Program enables users to: unite with more than 25,000 peers with data generated from more than 46,000 instruments in 92 countries; recognize analytical process improvement opportunities; increase confidence in proficiency survey outcomes; identify unrecognized trends or shifts that may occur between proficiency surveys; receive on-demand interlaboratory comparison reports; receive monthly reports with regular data submission deadlines; submit data in real time using one of the Unity software solutions; get reports, product information and more on QCNet. Visit Bio-Rad Laboratories

Anatomic path lab solution

WinSURGE is a sophisticated, easy-to-use, efficient Anatomic Pathology Laboratory System.  WinSURGE is in use at many of the nation’s hospitals and commercial labs, including some multi-site lab corporations. It includes the easy-to-use, user-driven rules engine WinsRULES, Executive Dashboard WinsALERTS, point-to-point tracking module WinsTRACK, and more.
Visit Computer Trust Corp.

Enhance path utilization

Sunquest PowerPath is a highly innovative AP LIS designed to help accurately and efficiently manage and communicate anatomic pathology diagnoses. The solution offers a proven workflow to help manage anatomic pathology laboratories in hospitals, medical centers, reference laboratories, and academic facilities. It features new functionality to streamline accessioning, manage pathologist scheduling, automatically allocate cases to pathologists, automate tasks with rules, and simplify structured data capture. The new capabilities work in concert to enhance pathologist utilization and improve process standardization throughout the anatomic pathology lab. Visit Sunquest

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