February 2018 Product Focus – Biomarkers (plus New Products)

Jan. 25, 2018
Procalcitonin biomarker

The VIDAS Brahms PCT utilizes the Procalcitonin (PCT) biomarker, which helps assess the initial risk of sepsis, enables medical professionals to monitor patients’ progress and mortality risk while being treated for sepsis, and determines when/if antibiotics should be initiated for lower respiratory tract infections and when antibiotics can be discontinued, which is key for antibiotic stewardship. bioMerieux

Biomarker analysis

Randox manufactures a range of third-party clinical biochemistry reagents for superior biomarker analysis. Flexible pack sizes and a comprehensive list of analyzer applications are available.

Benefits include a) liquid ready-to-use reagents; b) automated applications for a wide range of clinical analyzers; c) excellent correlation to reference methods; and d) wide measuring ranges. In addition to the full panel of routine tests, Randox provides a large range of niche biomarkers, including sLDL, Lp(a), adiponectin, cystatin C, HDL3, and more. Randox

New Products

Bottletop dispensers

Bottletop dispensers are needed in any lab where aggressive solutions such as lyes, acids, bases, or solvents are dispensed from large supply bottles. Bottletop dispensers need to be universally applicable and of uncompromising quality.

Eppendorf has enhanced the technology of previous models in many details to develop the new models Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x.

Thanks to the proven positive displacement principle, loss of residue is almost completely avoided. This technology, combined with the high chemical resistance of all components that might come into contact with aggressive liquids, allows the use of Varispenser 2 and Varispenser 2x with almost all liquids commonly used in labs. Accessories such as an easily assembled drying tube, a filter or a flexible discharge tube enable a broad range of dispensing options. All devices are equipped with standard GL 45 threads and can be used with almost all kinds of threads used in labs thanks to the additional adapters included in the scope of delivery.

The oval-shaped housing and the new design of the slider and the valve toggle of Varispenser 2x emphasize the modernity of the devices while ensuring optimal handling.

Designing GHS/CLP labels

Companies in the European Union are required to identify and label all chemicals in the workplace in line with the GHS/CLP regulation. Brady Corporation, an international provider of identification solutions, now offers an app to easily design and print GHS/CLP labels using predefined chemical descriptions, symbols, and signal words.

The Brady Workstation GHS/CLP label app enables users to select chemicals by name or CAS-number. The app then automatically populates all required fields to create a compliant GHS/CLP label. The required fields include the product name, a signal word, CLP-pictograms, hazard statements, and precautionary statements. Hitting “print” can send the design to a Brady label printer in order to create a compliant, self-adhesive CLP-label that is ready to be applied.

Brady Workstation enables laboratorians to easily design any label or sign to identify products, cables, and facilities using 20+ professional label design apps and tools. It works seamlessly with Brady’s professional label printers. Users simply connect a Brady printer to an internet-enabled computer to access and print Brady Workstation label templates and functionalities. Brady’s high-end label printers also offer bi-directional communication with Brady Workstation and will inform users if they have to switch label materials to print specific label designs. Brady Corporation