September 2017 Product Focus – Phlebotomy

Aug. 22, 2017
Plasma blood collection tube

The BD Vacutainer Barricor Plasma Blood Collection Tube is an evacuated blood collection tube with a mechanical separator used to collect, separate, transport, and process venous blood specimens. BD Barricor is designed to provide a high-quality plasma sample for chemistry determinations and TDM monitoring. The mechanical separator is designed to stretch under centrifugation and creates a seal on the inside wall of the tube at the end of centrifugation. BD Barricor is optimally spun at 4,000g for three minutes in a swinging bucket centrifuge and reduces cellular contamination by 50 to 65 percent compared to plasma gel tubes. BD Diagnostics

Safety blood collection set

Greiner Bio-One adds the VanishPoint Safety Blood Collection Set to its safety offerings. This product provides automated in-vein retraction to effectively reduce the risk of needlestick injuries. The needle retraction also clamps the tubing, reducing the risk of exposure to blood. Additional features include: one-handed activation, clear body for flashback visualization, finger grips for ease of handling, and kink-resistant tubing in 7” or 12” lengths. Greiner Bio-One

Ergonomic safety lancets

Unistik 3 features an ergonomic design for complete confidence and control during the sampling procedure, and a permanently retractable needle to protect users against potential needlestick injury and cross contamination. This safety lancet also features a lock-out indicator that prevents and identifies attempts at re-use, and laser-etched lot numbers on individual devices for enhanced traceability. Owen Mumford

Capillary blood collection tubes

RAM Scientific’s 100 percent plastic SAFE-T-FILL Capillary Blood Collection Tubes are pre-assembled with a capillary tube, attached cap, and a microtube to improve the quality of capillary blood samples collected from finger and heel sticks. SAFE-T-FILL tubes use capillary action to reduce hemolysis and tissue contamination by eliminating the tendency to scoop or milk the finger. Additive in both the capillary “straw” as well as the microtube allows the blood to begin mixing with anticoagulant immediately to prevent clotting. Available in a wide variety of sizes and additives. RAM Scientific

Safety lancets

SurgiLance brand safety lancets were introduced in 2000. Two different styles, three different gauges, and 12 models are offered, total. SurgiLance safety lancets remain an effective choice for fingerstick capillary blood collection. SurgilLance