Viewics launches a utilization management solution for laboratories

July 29, 2014

Viewics, Inc., announces the release of its Utilization Management solution, specifically designed for laboratories. One common characteristic across successful utilization initiatives is having a data-driven approach to identification, education and monitoring of the opportunity areas. The Viewics solution enables laboratories and pathology groups to leverage the massive amounts of data they have into customized dashboards, analyses and insights that drive successful utilization management initiatives.

Pre-built dashboards leveraging utilization best practices, combined with the ability for customers to mine data related to their specific needs, has been key for our utilization management clients. For example, the out-of-the-box dashboards highlight:

  • The use of tests that are no longer clinically relevant
  • Physicians that consistently have low abnormal rates for very expensive tests
  • Practice pattern variations for key ICD-9, DRG and other patient groupings
  • Alerts on test utilization increases or decreases over a period of time
  • Notification of patients that may need to have additional tests performed
  • Identification of incorrect tests ordered (e.g., vitamin D 1,25-dihydroxy)

“Our data platform and visualization solution aggregates data from disparate systems and presents end users with a myriad of ways to delve deeper into their data and take action. The value in this capability is tremendous, especially in the case of our Utilization Management solution. Laboratories are under tremendous pressure to do more with less, and the Viewics utilization management solution empowers our clients to do just that,” states Dhiren Bhatia, CEO of Viewics, Inc. Read more about the Utilization Management solution.

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