New England Peptide and SISCAPA Assay Technologies announce peptide stable isotope standard collaboration

June 13, 2014

New England Peptide, Inc., (NEP) and SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Inc., (SAT) have announced a collaboration for the manufacture and sale of Stable Isotope Standard (SIS) peptides for use in SISCAPA protein quantification assays. Under the terms of the agreement, NEP will manufacture peptide standards suitable for use with SAT’s SISCAPA assays. The peptides will be used together with SAT’s validated monoclonal anti-peptide antibodies to provide SISCAPA licensees standardized, high-sensitivity measurements of proteins by mass spectrometry.

According to SAT representatives, SISCAPA assays alleviate challenges of limited specificity and protein interferences seen with ligand binding assays and anti-protein immunocapture mass spectrometry. The multiplex platform has been used to verify clinical utility of candidate protein biomarkers in large sample sets. The assays are used to track protein biomarkers of health or disease and also for therapeutic drug monitoring. They are used for a variety of singleton and panel tests for proteins in patients as well as in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Laboratory-developed tests based on SISCAPA technology are in use at a number of clinical reference laboratories and have been validated against tens of thousands of patient samples. The technology is used in pharmaceutical research to study protein pathways and for pharmacokinetic analysis of biologics including therapeutic antibodies and antibody-drug complexes.

“As our menu of validated SISCAPA tests continues to expand, mass spectrometry customers, who are accustomed to very high precision, need the highest quality peptide internal standards,” says Selena Larkin, SAT Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “We feel that NEP brings that to our growing customer base.” Learn more about products and services offered by SAT.

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