hc1.com and Beckman Coulter Diagnostics partner to advance healthcare cloud technology

April 9, 2014

hc1.com and Beckman Coulter Diagnostics have announced a strategic partnership to deliver innovative technology to laboratories that turn large amounts of clinical data into actionable insights that transform how labs manage their business and their contributions to improving healthcare.

The partnership between hc1.com and Beckman Coulter Diagnostics creates a powerful healthcare solution for clinical laboratories by combining Beckman Coulter’s clinical diagnostic systems with hc1.com’s Software-as-a-Service Healthcare Relationship Cloud. Beckman Coulter will offer hc1.com as its exclusive healthcare relationship management solution to help laboratories in North America manage critical business and healthcare needs more proactively and with greater intelligence.

The hc1.com software solution helps laboratories gain real-time visibility into key metrics including test turnaround time (TAT), test utilization by provider, and productivity per lab operator. Additionally, the solution helps to identify important issues that require immediate action, as well as alert laboratory management to issues that are most prevalent across the entire health system.

“The partnership between Beckman Coulter and hc1.com combines two highly complementary innovators to create value,” says Brad Bostic, chairman and CEO, hc1.com. “The agreement will allow Beckman Coulter’s customers to address important provider needs and take action on those needs.”

“By leveraging hc1.com’s powerful software cloud solution, laboratories will be able to utilize and interpret more data than ever before to deliver a high level of performance,” says Arnd Kaldowski, president, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics. “Innovative solutions and offerings such as these demonstrate our strong commitment to helping laboratories address challenges while maintaining focus on improving patient outcomes.” Learn more about hc1.com’s Healthcare Relationship Cloud.

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