Greiner Bio-One North America offers solutions in biotechnology, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals

Aug. 1, 2012

A.C. Marchionne

President and Chairman of the Board


President and Chairman of the Board at Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc., since March 2012; prior position was Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, BioScience Division, from November 2010.


MBA, Webster University Graduate School of Business, Webster Grove, Missouri; MS in Medicine, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles; BS in Biology, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“I am involved in Kirkwood United Methodist Church in Kirkwood, Missouri, and volunteer actively in various community outreach programs. I also have interest in restoring old vehicles. I enjoy spending time with my wife of 12 years and my two young daughters.”

Greiner Bio-One provides expertise in the area of plastic innovations for the medical industry. The company is a world market leader in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, medicine and in vitro diagnostics. Customers are choosing Greiner Bio-One as their preferred supplier because we listen to them, are nimble and flexible, and have world-class operations.

Innovative products are at the forefront of our expertise. The company's BioScience Division produces plastic labware for universities, research institutes, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, as well as biotechnology. This division launched the first plastic Petri dish in 1963.

The PreAnalytics Division offers innovative solutions for clinical laboratories for the collection of human samples. These products are successfully distributed to more than 100 countries under the brand name VACUETTE®. This division developed the first plastic blood collection tube in 1985. The major product categories for clinical labs include evacuated specimen collection tubes, capillary collection tubes, urine containers, and safety venipuncture collection devices.

Customer Service is an important area of expertise for our company. On our most recent survey, our customers rated the Greiner Bio-One Customer Care Team at the highest possible score, with no deficiencies or complaints. Greiner Bio-One has unmatched production and quality standards that continue to improve. We are in the process of doubling production capabilities that will allow for even higher standards of quality, innovation, and cost savings. New facilities will be completed and functional by the middle of September 2012.

Our focus is on safety and innovation. From a historical perspective, Greiner Bio-One's plastic blood collection system contributed to protecting patients and medical staff from exposure to infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV when glass tubes broke. Looking to the future, we believe that passive safety collection devices are the best way to ensure that the safety mechanism is activated every time the device is used and offers the best protection against accidental needle sticks, especially when the venipuncture procedure is unexpectedly interrupted. The new VACUETTE® PREMIUM Safety Needle System has a safety shield that activates automatically as the needle is being removed from the vein. It eliminates exposure where 62% of accidents occur&emdash;between removal from the vein and disposal into a sharps container.

Webinars are offered to benefit our customers. It is important to us as a company to help our customers through all aspects of their research, from providing innovative products to improving their application. Our webinars offer important information on the improvement of the most commonly used product applications while also allowing question-and-answer interactions between the attendees and the expert giving the webinar. The webinar series began in 2011, featuring BioScience products and their application. Today, Greiner Bio-One will be holding clinically-based webinars to provide information on topics dealing with proper safety device application and blood draw. For more information readers of MLO can visit Registration opens two to three weeks prior to the webinars' start date with an email sent to customers, and open registration is available through the website.

Initiatives to promote growth and success. Greiner Bio-One focuses on three major initiatives that affect growth, success, and shrinking budgets&emdash;Change Management, Education, and Manufacturing Expertise. As for change management, in the hectic world of the clinical laboratory, Greiner Bio-One assists customers in navigating and implementing change within their facility. Both our Safety-Engineered Sharp Device Evaluation Program and Tube Verification Program guide Lab Management through the process, followed by a well-orchestrated implementation/in-service schedule. These programs provide Lab Management with the necessary input and documentation, with minimal interruption in their day-to-day activities, and are followed by comprehensive product training programs. As for Education, Greiner Bio-One uses product in-service opportunities to refresh staff on good phlebotomy technique and offers educational symposia from industry leaders and PACE Credits on a variety of PreAnalytics topics. As for Manufacturing Expertise, Greiner Bio-One is expanding manufacturing capabilities to make more products in the U.S. at lower costs. This allows us to be more flexible in terms of reducing manufacturing times and reducing shipping times so less inventory needs to be maintained on our customers' shelves.

An organization that gives back through charitable enterprises. Greiner Bio-One gives back locally, nationally, and internationally. Locally, we work with The Sandbox, which provides financial assistance and events for children who have debilitating diseases. We also helped to establish a Biotechnology program for the local Charlotte area high schools. By donating products to students at local schools, we help them learn real experimentation techniques to save endangered trees.

Nationally, we work with the Arbor Day Foundation. Our sales team and customers have been able to assist us in planting 1,000 trees in deforested areas all over the world. Greiner Bio-One donates a tree for every customer who would like to participate in our program. Most recently, Greiner Bio-One has supported the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy. This organization helps create awareness, takes action, and changes policy to address the needs of children and youth, especially those growing up with the harsh realities of poverty, abuse, and health and economic disparities.

Internationally, through the Sudan Medical Relief Project, we donate necessary products to doctor's traveling to Africa to diagnose and treat serious illnesses like tuberculosis and kala azar.