Supreme court rules for vaccination mandate for healthcare workers

Jan. 14, 2022

The Supreme court mandates Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) vaccinations against COVID-19 for all healthcare workers for their own health, and to protect their colleagues, families, residents of long-term care facilities, and patients. This is especially necessary to protect those who are vulnerable, including unvaccinated children and the immunocompromised.

President Joe Biden, flexing the federal government’s power to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, had called for an OSHA vaccine mandate for large businesses, as well as for all healthcare workers. While Biden’s request was blocked for the OSHA large business vaccination mandates, by the Supreme court, the decision to impose those same vaccination mandates upon healthcare workers was reached.

The Court ruled 5-4 in allowing the CMS vaccine mandate to go into effect and 6-3 in blocking the OSHA mandate for large businesses.

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