Resilinc launches an electronic platform for trading medical supplies

April 2, 2020

To help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Resilinc, a vendor of supply chain risk and resiliency software, is working with Stanford Health Care, UPS and Premier to create a cloud-based platform for hospitals to trade critical medical supplies, Resilinc announced in a press release. 

For example, a hospital can list the N95 masks it needs and offer medical gowns it can spare on the exchange. Using a single online platform, hospitals can locate and trade the items they need and have the packages shipped. 

The platform is designed to help reduce inventory shortages of medical supplies that are needed in geographic areas hard hit by cases of COVID-19. 

The Exchange at Resilinc also allows medical distributors, businesses and procurement organizations to donate medical supplies and match them directly to hospitals or healthcare organizations in need of those items. 

The Exchange at Resilinc will launch in mid-April. Because it is not an e-commerce site, cash or credit card transactions will not be involved in the trades, the company said. Resilinc hopes to expand the service globally this summer. 

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