OncoHost’s PROphet platform to support Henlius US-based Phase III trial for patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer

Oct. 4, 2023
Proteomic pattern recognition technology to help identify and characterize potential resistance patterns in recruited patients, provide correlative biomarkers to guide outcomes.

OncoHost announced a collaboration with Hengenix Biotech, Inc. (Henlius USA), affiliated with Shanghai Henlius Biotech, Inc.

Henlius USA will utilize OncoHost’s PROphet platform to identify exploratory, correlative biomarkers for patients recruited in its comprehensive Phase III clinical trial (NCT05468489). The trial is evaluating the efficacy and safety of Serplulimab plus chemotherapy (carboplatin - etoposide) in previously untreated US-based patients with Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer (ES-SCLC). 

PROphet has been added to the comprehensive Phase III clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of Serplulimab combined with chemotherapy in comparison to the standard-of-care atezolizumab combined with chemotherapy, identifying potential proteomics-based biomarkers to better characterize possible resistance patterns in recruited patients. The goal of this collaboration is to add another layer of information to the study by offering insight into who will benefit from the targeted combination therapy.

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