QC platform intended for higher confidence in patient results

Oct. 2, 2020

Technopath, a provider of SaaS-based QC data management solutions and third-party lab quality controls, has introduced IAMQC Infinity to support the growing need from modern laboratories for robust management of overall quality control and proficiency testing, according to a press release. Based on these challenges, IAMQC Infinity is designed to improve operational efficiencies through a unified QC technology platform bringing people, systems, and data together to form a collaborative, efficient, and effective ecosystem that analyses QC results in real time.

IAMQC Infinity is built on a scalable SaaS architecture, allowing users to automate, centralize, standardize and improve QC processes, eliminating the need for manual entry by skilled laboratory technologists. Infinity brings all the key elements of cloud-based software tools to analyze QC results into one web-based solution. With pressures increasing on the laboratory to turn around fast, accurate patient results, the new platform will include three feature-rich tools designed to facilitate the entire quality control process from end to end:

·        IAMQC Peer – a real-time, peer comparison helping laboratories validate their QC protocols including the proliferation of new instruments, methods, and tests.

·         IAMQC Daily – a comprehensive internal quality control software that applies Westgard or any user-defined QC rules to individual QC results.

·         IAMQC Expert – an interactive system that empowers frontline laboratory staff to select QC rules, reduce unnecessary repeats, and make meaningful QC decisions.

Modern laboratories are becoming increasingly reliant on real-time, independent QC data to make timely and informed decisions. The latest IAMQC updates bring more substantial analytics capabilities, allowing laboratories to turn data points into meaningful insights. The system is easy to set up, and removes obstacles such as server installation, based on customer feedback including Northwell Hospital, New York's largest healthcare provider.

The IAMQC Infinity platform will roll out globally in two phases:

·         Phase 1 is now live and includes the critical functions required for IAMQC Daily such as rule evaluation, tracking of actions and comments, and custom rule set configuration.

·         Phase 2 will deploy several solutions that include built-in peer comparison functionality and reports and advanced QC analysis tools such as Total Error calculations and problem solver wizards. These follow up releases will be scheduled to launch in Q2 of 2021.

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