New MARCH plasma treatment system introduced for extended catheters and larger products

Jan. 23, 2020

Nordson MARCH introduced the PROGENY plasma treatment system for plasma treatment of catheters at their full extended length. Plasma cleans and activates the surface prior to applying a lubricious coating and provides adhesive bonding of the balloon to the catheter. It removes contamination, impurities, and organics at the nanometer level and improves surface wettability, hydrophilicity and bonding capabilities to address issues such as poor wetting, poor coating uniformity, voids and poor adhesion.

The PROGENY system provides plasma treatment at 13.56 MHz and accommodates all the common gases, like oxygen, nitrogen and argon, with high process reproducibility and uniformity. An EPC controller with SECS/GEM interface facilitates remote control of the equipment and real-time data logging. The system is controlled by an intuitive touch screen GUI with a one-button start feature. Also included are configurable plasma cells with high flux electrodes and direct gas injection for uniform gas flow. Besides catheters, PROGENY systems can plasma-treat other products with part surfaces up to two m long and 50 cm wide that need better wetting, coating, and adhesion.

The PROGENY system’s two easy-access front- and back-loading doors, advanced horizontal electrode design, and integrated rack allow for loading of various size products, provide optimum alignment for extended catheters, and deliver uniform plasma treatment. With the integrated rack, product trays slide in smoothly and correct spacing and positioning of the catheters between each electrode pair is maintained. A fully self-contained system with a space-saving compact chassis, PROGENY maximizes process capacity and minimizes usage of valuable production floor space.

Features include an integrated gas distribution system for uniform gas flow, water-cooled high flux electrodes, a removable product tray, a controlled vacuum exhaust and an easily removed electrode assembly for chamber maintenance and ease of serviceability. Temperature-controlled electrodes ensure consistent process repeatability.

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