Platelet quality control

April 9, 2019

BD announced the global availability of BD BACTEC platelet quality control media, which allows microbiology laboratories, blood banks, and transfusion services to identify contaminated platelet units. 

An estimated 12 million apheresis platelet donations are collected each year. Platelets are associated with a higher risk of sepsis and related fatality than any other transfusable blood component. The WHO, FDA, and AABB have introduced guidelines and protocols for the detection of bacterial contamination in platelet donations, helping to reduce septic transfusion reactions and related fatalities by an estimated 50 to 70 percent.

BD BACTEC platelet quality control media is part of a solution leveraging the automated BD BACTEC FX technology and BD Synapsys microbiology informatics solution to help laboratories meet culture-based platelet testing requirements. The recent FDA 510(k) clearance of BD BACTEC platelet quality control media adheres to FDA guidelines for culture-based methods and meets requirements of the CE-IVD directive. The product can be used for quality control testing of leukocyte reduced apheresis platelet (LRAP) units, both leukocyte reduced single and a pool of up to six units of leukocyte reduced whole blood platelet concentrates (LRWBPC).

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