Bio-Rad introduces new educational quality control (QC) workbook series

July 21, 2022
Bio-Rad launched a workbook series that offers P.A.C.E. credits.

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the first workbook in a series that offers Professional Acknowledgement for Continuing Education (P.A.C.E.) credits. The new workbook series is digitally interactive, allowing lab professionals to learn and pursue a higher standard in laboratory quality control.

Bio-Rad’s QC Workbook concept is designed to provide lab professionals with the training and education needed to maintain reliable and accurate quality control (QC) test results.  

For the first installment, “Basic Statistics in Laboratory Quality Control” workbook provides foundational knowledge to better understand the recommended quality control statistics to support the reliability of patient results. Lab professionals can receive a certificate upon successful completion of a short exam at the end of the workbook, earning 2.5 contact hours. Future workbook topics will cover QC materials, cost of quality, and more. 

Bio-Rad's QC Workbook #1 "Basic Statistics in Laboratory Quality Control" can be accessed here now