November 2017 Product Focus – Hemotology

Oct. 24, 2017
High-volume hematology analyzer

The Siemens Healthineers ADVIA 2120i System with Autoslide high-volume hematology analyzer streamlines workflow by eliminating the majority of manual steps commonly performed to maximize productivity. It delivers flow cytometry peroxidase testing methodology for optimum results while offering simplicity and flexibility.

The ADVIA 2120i System differentiates microcytic anemias with advanced RBC and reticulocyte technology. It automates hematology workflow without the need for large track-based systems, expensive stains, or reflexive testing.

Further, the ADVIA 2120i System maximizes the effectiveness of costly platelet transfusions with accurate results the first time—even at very low platelet levels. With the ADVIA 2120i System, maintenance is simplified with Unifluidics Technology through reduced fluidics, eliminated pinch valves, and automated daily cleaning. ADVIA and Unifluidics are trademarks of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Siemens Healthineers

ESR testing in EDTA tubes

The CUBE 30 Touch is an automated instrument for high-volume erythrocyte sedimentation rate testing in EDTA tubes. The instrument features ESR results directly from EDTA tubes without consuming patient sample; is compatible with standard 13×75 mm K2EDTA tubes (2-4 mL sample volume); features internal mixing function that automatically prepares up to 30 samples per batch; has random access capability to add samples as space allows; automatically prints and transmits results to LIS; and yields results in 20 minutes. Streck is the exclusive distributor of the CUBE 30 Touch in the U.S. and Canada. Streck

Dropper A1c

Quantimetrix Dropper A1c is now available in a new 0.9 mL bottle. It is ideal for both central laboratory and point-of-care hemoglobin A1c methods. It features three years frozen (from date of manufacture) and six months of refrigerated open vial stability for reduced waste, plus dropper bottles for easy dispensing. Twenty-one days of open vial room temperature stability eliminates storage problems and provides maximum portability, which makes the product valuable for sites without refrigeration.

Dropper A1c includes a lot-specific barcode card for the Siemens DCA Vantage and DCA 2000 users. It is designed for use with most major immunoassay laboratory and POCT analyzers, including Siemens DCA 2000/2000+/Vantage, Siemens Advia, Siemens Dimension, Roche Cobas 501, and Ortho Vitros. Quantimetrix

Automated high-volume hematology analyzer

The Alinity hq automated hematology analyzer is the latest addition to the Alinity family of harmonized solutions from Abbott. This analyzer has been designed to streamline workflow in the high-volume laboratory. With an emphasis on user-driven design, the system delivers a uniform experience with other Alinity systems. This commonality across disciplines allows for efficiencies in training and utilization of staff. The system includes innovative reagent and sample management to ensure uninterrupted operation and improve efficiency. The Alinity hq hematology analyzer utilizes optical technology to deliver high-quality results at a throughput of 119 CBC/hr per unit using just three reagents. Not commercially available in all countries, including the USA. For in vitro diagnostics use only. ADD-00061973. Abbott

Automated cell counter

The GloCyte Automated Cell Counter for CSF is able to detect 1 cell/µL in CSF for both TNC and RBC. This FDA-approved analyzer delivers consistent TNC and RBC counts and timely turnaround, with just 30 µL of sample per test, through a novel combination of fluorescence imaging technology and a sample cartridge. Its disposable test cartridge eliminates any risk of carryover or cross-contamination. GloCyte is linear down to 0 cells/µL for both TNC and RBC and delivers TNC and RBC results in five minutes, compared to manual count that can take up to one hour for results. Advanced Instruments

Hematology analyzer

The BC-5390 is a five-part differential hematology analyzer with built-in autoloader and a single closed tube sample mode. The hemoglobin analysis is performed using cyanide-free reagent. The analyzer processes up to 60 samples per hour and stores up to 100,000 results with histograms and Scattergram. The barcode reader and optional LIS connectivity enable seamless sample data transmission. Nearly all scheduled maintenance procedures are automated by touch buttons. Mindray

Automated hematology analyzer

Sysmex America, Inc. recently announced the launch of its XN-L automated hematology analyzers in the United States. Now lower volume laboratories can enjoy the same capabilities in CBC testing as larger hospitals and reference labs. The XN-L analyzers will also be the first to feature BeyondCare Quality Monitor program, an innovative, web-based QC and calibration management program.

In addition, the XN-L Series offers optional software licenses for 1) a reticulocyte channel, and 2) body fluid cell counts. For integrated health networks, common reagents and controls allow standardized testing from high volume core labs to affiliated clinics and physician office labs. Sysmex