August 2017 Product Focus – Centrifuges

July 25, 2017
Microhematocrit centrifuge

EKF Diagnostics’ CLIA-waived HemataStat II microhematocrit centrifuge enables the rapid measurement of hematocrit in any setting, providing a quantitative reading for up to six blood samples from one 60-second spin. HemataStat is ideal for point-of care and laboratory use in clinics and hospitals. Its lightweight and compact size with an optional battery pack makes it well suited for outreach programs. EKF Diagnostics


The Cytopro cytocentrifuge is an integrated system for depositing a monolayer of cells onto microscope slides. The Cytopro features a touchscreen interface and an eight-station cytocentrifuge rotor that accepts single or dual sample chambers for processing CSF, urine, synovial, sputum, aspirates, and washes. The patented flow control rings in each sample chamber controls the rate of fluid absorption for higher cell yields. The sample chambers are easy to load and unload and they are disposable or reuseable. Elitech

NuWind centrifuges

NuAire, Inc. offers the NuWind multi-application, bench-top ventilated and refrigerated centrifuges for blood separation, microbiology, bio-production, cell culture, and other applications. Using a half-inch (13 mm) thick steel shell, NuWind minimizes its exterior footprint, saving bench space while improving safety. NuWind’s Click-Spin patented technology offers a tool-less rotor removal and installation to quickly change from one application to the next within seconds. The InSight electronic-control center has a touch screen that greatly simplifies operation, which allows anyone to use the machine quickly and efficiently. All NuWind centrifuges are backed by a five-year warranty. NuAire

Horizontal centrifuges

Sarstedt’s SMC 6 is an economical 6-place benchtop centrifuge featuring a swing-out rotor for optimal horizontal separation of blood specimens. The SMC 6 has a preset spin program for simple operation that eliminates the possibility of unintentional speed or time adjustment. An SMC 6plus model is also available with a second preset centrifugation option for spinning urine samples. The instrument’s brushless motor provides smooth and quiet operation. Safety features include a clear lid for visibility and an automatic lock. The SMC 6 is designed to accommodate tubes with a maximum filling volume of 10ml and maximum diameter of 17mm. Sarstedt

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