February 2015 Product Focus – Anatomic pathology

Feb. 19, 2015
Health Insighter

Viewics Health Insighter (VHI) is a data platform and analytics solution that transforms the way Anatomic Pathology (AP) laboratories utilize data.VHI provides targeted reports and dashboards, enabling AP laboratory administrators and clinicians with immediate insights into their workload, productivity, and quality. VHI seamlessly mines data from CoPath, PowerPath, SoftPath, and other AP systems along with data from finance, sales, and inventory in order to monitor and identify sources of laboratory waste. VHI functions without day-to-day IT involvement and avoids placing heavy strain on production environments. Out-of-the-box analytics include turnaround times, workload detail, productivity and staffing analyses, technologist productivity, review discrepancies, specimen monitoring and priority, overdue lists, grossing statistics, histology processing, cytology statistics, and accession versus sign-out activity and delinquency. 



LOGOS One is a dual-retort tissue processor that enables high-specimen throughput while using conventional power management. LOGOS One is optimized for Milestone’s 4-step, 4-reagent, xylene-free process. This process improves quality, increases efficiency, simplifies labor demands, and reduces cost while ensuring compatibility with all IHC protocols. Logos One runs continuous batch specimens with capacities of up to 210 racked cassettes or 300 random basket cassettes to accommodate varying workload demands.

Milestone Medical


SoftPathDx is SCC’s next-generation AP/Cytology module. Built upon the new SCC’s Genetics Information Systems Suite platform, SoftPathDx includes advanced features such as a workflow and test protocol designer, rules engine, and automated template-based reporting, which extends to all the modules within SCC Genetics Information Systems Suite. Testing can move across various technologies (molecular, flow cytometry, cytogenetics) while maintaining full chain of custody and at-a-glance sample information during the process. Auto-routing and reflex testing across technologies eliminates errors inherent in manual reflex ordering. Flexible and automated template-based reporting retrieves information and results from various sources, providing consolidated final reports. New architecture supports advanced automation and consolidated workflow management.

SCC Soft Computer

LiveView for Pending Stains

NovoPath LiveView for Pending Stains makes it simple for labs to use electronic ordering for stains and special requests. NovoPath LiveView for Pending Stains was designed with workflow efficiency in mind. Customizable per user preference, NovoPath LiveView for Pending Stains allows for faster and more accurate tracking of lab requests. Histology orders are received automatically as the pathologist orders them electronically. LiveView for Pending Stains provides filter options including date, case type, and ordering pathologist, along with specific stain, requests or additional test order information. This workflow efficiency improves on the time taken to process specimens resulting in improved specimen turnaround time (TAT).