Cancer Genetics launches digital platform to enable collaboration with community hospitals and laboratories

Jan. 22, 2015

Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI), has announced the launch of its ExpandDx collaborative testing program. The program, which utilizes VENTANA digital pathology technology from Roche, allows community-based hospitals and pathology labs to partner with CGI through remote consultations, and enables access to a broader range of tests that expand the clinical testing capabilities of community labs and hospitals. The technical-only testing service provides community hospitals and pathology labs with the advanced testing technologies, and facilitates increased collaboration on both atypical and difficult cancer cases.

“We are very excited to partner with Cancer Genetics to provide comprehensive digital pathology solutions through their ExpandDx testing program,” says Rod Cotton, Senior Vice President at Roche Diagnostics Corporation. “This new service will enable a more collaborative and responsive diagnosis process for community-based pathologists and help them fulfill their mission to empower personalized cancer treatment.”

Through CGI’s ExpandDx collaborative testing program, the technical component will be performed at CGI laboratories, and clinicians will have the option of interpreting and signing out patients’ test results. By allowing clinicians to sign out cases remotely and share cases with other team members, the program enables smaller labs to manage resources while still leveraging CGI’s tests and expertise in oncology diagnostics.

“As care centers and clinicians look for ways to improve cost efficiency, technical-only testing offers opportunity for providers to more actively collaborate in the diagnosis process and manage costs for patients,” says Lan Wang, MD, Medical Director at Cancer Genetics. “CGI’s ExpandDx technical-only testing will ensure that community-based hospitals and pathology labs have access to the same cutting-edge oncology testing available at larger centers.”

Learn more about ExpandDx at the Cancer Genetics website