Dec. 14, 2014
RAPIDPoint 500 

With results in approximately 60 seconds, the cartridge-based RAPIDPoint 500 System offers a comprehensive menu of critical-care tests for pH and blood gases, electrolytes, glucose, pleural fluid and lactate and full CO-oximetry, including neonatal total bilirubin and total hemoglobin, all from a single, whole-blood sample. Measurement cartridges last up to 28 days and contain a full complement of tests. The system is equipped with fully automated calibration and quality control (QC), and the self-contained automatic quality control (AQC) cartridge operates without manual intervention. An integrated bar code reader on the front of the system offers a wide scanning area to accommodate patient and operator identification. The RAPIDPoint 500 analyzer can be integrated with the Siemens RAPIDComm data management system. 


Para 4

Streck’s Para 4 is a four-parameter hematology control designed for small laboratories or point-of-care facilities performing a limited number of hematology tests, utilizing manual and semi-automated methods. Streck’s HQ-Chex is a whole blood glucose and hemoglobin control designed to evaluate the accuracy and precision of HemoCue analyzers. HQ-Chex is manufactured with human red blood cells to minimize matrix effects and perform like patient specimens. 


Minivette POCT 

The Minivette POCT devices from Sarstedt are designed for the precise and hygienic collection, transfer, and subsequent dispensing of small capillary blood samples for point-of-care tests. Blood is collected via capillary action into the collection capillary of the Minivette POCT. The sample is held securely in the capillary during transfer without spills and then dispensed onto the test field or into a micro tube with a slight push of the opposing integral piston. In addition to the existing 20µl and 50µl volumes, the Minivette POCT is also now available for blood volumes of 100µl and 200µl. Minivette POCT devices are offered plain or prepared with EDTA or heparin.


StatStrip Glucose  

Nova Biomedical’s StatStrip Glucose hospital meter system is the first blood glucose monitoring system to receive clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use throughout all hospital and all professional healthcare settings, including intensive care settings. StatStrip Glucose is FDA-cleared for the detection and management of dysglycemia throughout all professional healthcare settings including critical care. It is also CLIA-waived in all settings. 

Nova Biomedical

HemoPoint H2

HemoPoint H2 point-of-care hemoglobin analyzer (from Stanbio, an EKF Diagnostics Company) provides affordable, accurate, and ease-of-use methodology for POC hemoglobin testing programs. The analyzer produces lab quality results within 25 seconds for both hemoglobin and hematocrit from one simple test, and with a CV of <2%, this analyzer has the added advantage of the proprietary NXT-Gen microcuvette technology,which enables improved finger-stick sample collection by virtually eliminating the appearance of air bubbles.  

EKF Diagnostics

Hypoxic QC 

Eurotrol’s Hypoxic QC is ideal for lowering the reportable range of pO2 down to as low as 15 mmHg on any blood gas analyzer. The buffered hemoglobin matrix provides high precision like that of patient samples. Hypoxic QC’s oxygenation curve allows for its 10-minute open ampule stability. Highly commutable and validated on most point-of-care and bench top blood gas analyzers, it is suitable for periodic quality control and method comparisons and for validating the low end of the analytical measurement range (AMR), satisfying regulatory requirements for reporting critically low pO2 results. Hypoxic QC includes CueSee Online, a free online tool to compare results with peers and generate reports, graphs, and statistics.


Unistik 3 safety lancets  

The Unistik 3 safety lancets are the only lancets featuring Owen Mumford’s patented Comfort Zone technology (CZT) for a more comfortable capillary blood sampling experience. CZT is comprised of eight raised pressure points on the patient end of the safety lancet. The Unistik 3 now features an even gentler solution. Equipped with a micro-thin 30G x 1.5mm needle, the gentle safety lancets are the ideal safety lancet for pediatrics or frequent glucose testing. The lancets are available in a broad range of needle gauge sizes (30G, 28G, 23G, 21G, 18G) to meet nearly all capillary testing needs, from HGB and PT/INR, to HbA1c and glucose testing.  

Owen Mumford

Meter Trax Control

Meter Trax Control is a whole blood control for glucose, hemoglobin, and hematocrit with assayed values for Abbott iSTAT, Nova StatStrip Xpress, Roche Accu-Chek, LifeScan OneTouch, and other glucose meters. In addition to using a control with a matrix similar to the patient sample, another key consideration in point-of-care testing is ease of use. Packaged in a convenient, squeezable bottle with dropper top configuration, Meter TraxControl is ideal for use at the point of care. There are no glass ampules to break, and it is available with color-coded caps for easy identification of the three levels.

Bio Rad Laboratories