Oct. 19, 2014
General purpose centrifuge line 

Thermo Scientific general purpose centrifuges feature increased capacity and flexibility with rotor innovations including the Thermo Scientific TX-1000 rotor, which employs a 4-liter capacity in a traditional 3-liter footprint. Additionally, the Thermo Scientific MicroClick 30 x 2 rotor offers a 30-place capacity for microtube and nucleic acid spin columns, and is ideal for molecular biology applications. These high-capacity rotors are designed to process more tubes in fewer runs, saving time while reducing energy and wear on the centrifuge. The centrifuge line is designed for a wide range of clinical and life science applications, from cell culture to bioproduction to proteomics, food safety, pharmaceutical, stem cell, microbiology and genomics. The general purpose centrifuge floor models conserve valuable bench space with an almost 25% smaller footprint compared to refrigerated benchtop models and a working height of 79 cm, providing true ergonomic design for removing tubes and exchanging rotors. 

Thermo Scientific

PlasmaPrep-12 centrifuge

Ideal for use in the hospital and laboratory, the PlasmaPrep-12 centrifuge from EKF is designed for STAT serum/plasma separation and coagulation studies. Enabling fast and efficient blood separation, the centrifuge offers four pre-programmed spin times. The programs include the Platelet-Poor-Plasma mode that provides consistent platelet counts of less than 10,000 platelets/µL in 3 minutes, and the Platelet-Rich-Plasma mode which provides PRP in just 30 seconds. The PlasmaPrep-12 features a 12-place rotor, locking lid with gasket seal and automatic out-of-balance shut down for operator safety and peace of mind. 


Hitachi Koki centrifuge models

NuAire offers the Hitachi Koki centrifuge models: CR22N high speed refrigerated centrifuge, CP100WX ultracentrifuge, CS150FNX floor standing micro-ultracentrifuge, and the CS150NX table top micro-ultracentrifuge. These high performing machines help assist in research applications involving purifying proteins, DNA, RNA, viruses, nano-sized particles, and more by separating liquids at high speeds with the micro ultracentrifuge tabletop model CS150NX reaching up to 150,000 rpm. Ultracentrifuge model CPWX series features a rotor life management system to automatically maintain rotor logging history, maximizing rotor life. The Hitachi Koki model himac CR22N high-speed refrigerated centrifuge offers reliable performance with a maximum RCF of 55,200xg and 6L capacity for bottles, tubes, or microplates. The automatic rotor identification and rotor cover detector make the CR22N the ideal separation tool for multiple research applications. 


Filtration centrifuge

The Hermle Sieva-2 filtration centrifuge offers a wide range of applications. Two options are available for either perforated or non-perforated rotor baskets for filtration or solid/liquid sedimentation (decantation). The rotors are designed with cone-shaped centers to guarantee an even spread of filtered material and rinsing agent. The induction drive motor reaches speeds of 10,000 rpm or 7,825 x g. Features include speed selection from 250 to 10,000 rpm; transparent lid to monitor samples; imbalance detection system for added safety; 500mL rotor basket with 10 rows of perforations; and intuitive control panel and large digital LED.

Labnet International, Inc.