Clinical Next-Gen tumor sequencing from G2 Intelligence guides labs

Oct. 3, 2014

G2 Intelligence, a leader in research, reporting, and analysis on the business of the diagnostic laboratory industry, announces the release of Clinical Next-Gen Tumor Sequencing: Your Key to the Value-Driven Oncology Market. This all new study is the only comprehensive resource that covers the how, why and best practices of next-generation sequencing (NGS) for oncology — plus projections, analysis, and value-based benefits for organizations.

The report evaluates clinical adoption of NGS in oncology to date, including both clinical trials and commercial clinical testing for cancer patient care, and projects future adoption. It analyzes systematically various approaches early adopters have been taking to launch clinical NGS, opportunities this new offering has opened up, and the challenges laboratories are facing. New practical insights are gathered through 15 in-depth interviews with executives from leading laboratories that have or are in the final preparation for launching clinical NGS service for oncology.

“Because of the cost and quality of care challenges, payers have identified oncology as a key target for value improvement,” according to G2’s Director of Research, and the report’s lead analyst, Jenny Xu, PhD. “And yet, various pilot programs have not thoroughly examined the role of NGS in value improvement even though it has the potential to lower the cost and improve the quality of cancer care. That’s where Clinical Next-Gen Tumor Sequencing comes in.” Read a summary of the study.

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