Viewics, Inc., offers a strategic blood management solution

Sept. 5, 2014

According to industry experts, a total of 30 million blood components are transfused every year at a cost of 15 to 25 billion dollars to the U.S. healthcare system. Blood management relies on a highly complex network of optimal supply and administration of blood products. Due to the complexity of these systems and operations, blood banks are benefitting exponentially from analytics solutions, which help them mitigate costs, increase quality, and optimize operations. Viewics, Inc., is addressing these issues with its recent launch of its Viewics Health Insighter (VHI) blood bank solution.

As company representatives note, inventory management is critical in blood banks. When working with sensitive materials such as blood products, there is little room for error. Not only are patients’ lives at stake, but the vitality of the organization itself can be severely impacted if the operations and supply chain of blood products are not appropriately managed. Using multi-faceted dashboards like the one provided by VHI, blood bank leaders are given complete information to maintain optimal blood product inventory.

The view breaks down expired and outdated blood product inventory by date, type, and status. The dashboard enables management to proactively take action to reduce waste. It also allows for further investigation into more information about the blood units itself, as well as showing which units are allocated for a patient. VHI enables users with the ability to track exactly how blood was historically used and provides trending and predictive capabilities around quality metrics.

Viewics CEO Dhiren Bhatia recently told Medical Laboratory Observer, “Our solution for automating data extraction and data cleansing across all systems provides a consistent data set as opposed to the one-off attempts employed today. Our ‘soup to nuts’ approach from data extraction to data delivery, combined with the focused applications we’ve built, take away the technology hurdle for our customers, allowing them to focus on their business.” Learn more about Viewics Health Insighter. (The link includes a brief video presentation.)

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