Caris Life Sciences collaborates with GenoSpace to advance the molecular understanding of cancer

Aug. 15, 2014

Biosciences company Caris Life Sciences has announced a collaboration with GenoSpace, a technology company that develops robust software solutions for genomic and health data. Caris will apply GenoSpace’s population analytics offerings to uncover and better utilize key insights from the company’s tumor profiling service, Caris Molecular Intelligence. The partnership also leverages GenoSpace’s analytics architecture expertise to unlock key treatment insights from the Caris Registry, a database of clinicopathologic and outcome variables from consenting patients whose tumors underwent multi-technology profiling by Caris.

“This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to advancing and improving cancer care through intelligent, targeted and patient-centric research,” says David D. Halbert, Chairman and CEO of Caris Life Sciences. “Building on our informatics capabilities, our partnership with a company like GenoSpace further establishes our leadership position in providing clinically actionable tumor profiling information to physicians and patients.”

With more than 65,000 patients profiled to date, Caris is positioned to leverage its institutional expertise to offer enhanced analysis of its tumor profiling databases, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws governing privacy and secondary research. Caris’s tumor profiling databases are comprised of multiple assay technologies performed in combination to achieve a comprehensive molecular profile of a tumor. The resulting analysis and insights, enabled in part by this collaboration, will create a HIPAA-compliant informatics platform that provides Caris's institutional partners the ability to investigate institution-specific profiling data within Caris Molecular Intelligence. It also allows Caris to more efficiently and expediently isolate novel and/or critical drug-biomarker associations, ultimately providing better treatment information to oncologists and patients. Learn more about molecular intelligence services provided by Caris.

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