Orchard Software announces Sequoia enterprise-class LIS

July 30, 2014

This week Orchard Software announced new enterprise-class LIS—Orchard Sequoia—built on completely new technology to aid laboratories in their positive impact on healthcare informatics, diagnostics, and patient outcomes at AACC.

The majority of LISs in use today are built on older technology, most more than 30 years old. The release of Orchard Sequoia is of interest because the technological advances that have taken place since a new LIS was developed from the ground up are astounding and healthcare goals have shifted. Rather than continuing to patch changes onto an older technology, Sequoia is being developed right from the start using the foundation of Orchard Software’s industry knowledge, experience, and expertise regarding the future direction of the diagnostics industry. This means that Sequoia will be the first new LIS built with todays and tomorrow’s healthcare needs in mind.

Orchard Sequoia provides maximum scalability to accommodate the needs of high volume laboratories and support laboratory growth concurrent with the fast-paced changes taking place in healthcare—incorporating much-desired tools to measure performance, improve productivity and efficiency, and generate valuable business analytics. The development of Orchard Sequoia is focused on the patient-centric, extremely efficient and flexible laboratory, providing laboratories with the specialized tools they need to be more involved in supporting positive patient outcomes and saving healthcare dollars. Orchard Sequoia is due for release in 2016. Learn more about the Orchard Sequoia.

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