July 20, 2014
Cell culture applications

Eppendorf has introduced a series of Serological Pipets for cell culture applications. The pipettes have clear material and sharp graduation for easy read-out and work with the Eppendorf Easypet 3 pipette controller. As both the pipettes and the Easypet 3 are designed to work together, there is no risk of dripping or compromise in performance, allowing researchers to carry out their liquid handling with confidence. The Serological Pipets are made from ultra-clear virgin polystyrene, complying with USP class VI plastic tests.


Manual pipettes

VistaLab Technologies, Inc., line of manual pipettes combines the ergonomic performance of its Ovation design with a conventional analog volume setting capability. The Ovation M’s contoured shape and adjustable hook means a custom fit for every user in the laboratory. The design promotes ergonomically-correct posture during pipetting, such as neutral forearm and wrist positions, which allow muscle groups to function freely without restriction or stress. Significantly lower pipetting forces are also achieved with Ovation’s patented tip acquisition and discard system and low force plunger. Each pipette is factory calibrated for accurate volume delivery and can be adjusted as needed to achieve accurate performance on dense or viscous liquids. Six color-coded models are available for precise liquid dispensing from 0.2μL to 1000μl. 

VistaLab Technologies 

Pipette verification service

Streck Pipette Verification Service (PVS) allows a laboratory to verify automatic pipettes and dilutors without purchasing equipment or interrupting pipette use. Each PVS kit tests one pipette. The lab performs six simple titrations and returns them to Streck, postage paid. Within two business days of receipt at Streck, a report containing the mean volume delivered, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, and percent recovered is e-mailed and mailed to the laboratory for record-keeping and inspections.


Multichannel verification system 

The Artel MVS multichannel verification system is an easy-to-use, universal system that provides unparalleled levels of performance assessment for every instrument used in the assay workflow. The system has the ability to quickly determine liquid handler performance tip-by-tip and assess effectiveness of mixers and plate washers. The MVS can produce results that are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) and also simplifies standardization and compliance between instruments and locations.


Automated pipetting system

Sebia offers front-end automation with the ASSIST pipetting system. The ASSIST auto sampler is designed to ensure standardization of all pre-analytical steps. ASSIST works in conjunction with Sebia’s HYDRASYS series of instruments and the data acquisition software PHORESIS to provide full automation and positive sample identification. ASSIST eliminates manual pipetting with direct sampling from primary tubes, allows for standard or customer dilution protocols for serum and CSF, and automatically dispenses antisera for immunofixation. ASSIST’s automated sampling capability streamlines laboratory workflow and maximizes biohazard safety.