CeGaT selects N-of-One to provide clinical interpretation for next-generation sequencing tests

July 2, 2014

CeGaT, a laboratory that offers a wide array of molecular diagnostics tests, has announced an agreement with N-of-One, Inc., a provider of clinical interpretation for precision medicine in oncology. Under this agreement, N-of-One will provide clinical interpretation for CeGaT's next-generation sequencing (NGS) tests done for cancer patients.

CeGaT has developed an NGS panel to analyze more than 550 cancer-relevant genes in a tumor sample simultaneously. Knowledge about the relevant mutations in a tumor helps clinicians select the most effective therapeutic strategies. N-of-One's clinical interpretation provides the relevant biological and clinical knowledge related to the mutation profile of a tumor identified by sequencing. This in turn links the knowledge to relevant therapeutic strategies, in some cases including clinical trials.

“CeGaT offers a new tool for tumor diagnostics that helps oncologists decide on the most effective therapeutic options for a patient,” says Saskia Biskup, MD, PhD, CeGaT co-founder and Managing Director. “N-of-One will provide the fast, scalable, and high-quality interpretation of variants needed to meet demand.”

“CeGaT's industry-leading molecular diagnostics solutions, coupled with N-of-One's deep expertise in clinical interpretation in oncology, will enable broader patient access to personalized medicine for cancer patients in a cost-effective manner,” says Chris Cournoyer, CEO of N-of-One.

In partnership with B. Braun Medical, CeGaT recently established a U.S.-based subsidiary. The company, B. Braun CeGaT, LLC, is based in Pennsylvania and will offer the full range of CeGaT's diagnostic testing menu to the U.S. market. Learn more about services offered by CeGaT.

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