Roche Diagnostics recognizes Pathology, Inc., as Roche Molecular Center of Excellence

May 23, 2014

Roche announced today the establishment of a strategic alliance with Pathology, Inc., in Torrance, CA, that designates the company as a Roche Molecular Center of Excellence (MCOE) for the next five years. Pathology, Inc., is one of 35 labs in the United States that have received this recognition and joined in this strategic partnership with Roche.

Established in 2002, Roche’s MCOE program is designed to create an alliance network that enables non-competing regional laboratories across the United States to collaborate and capitalize on scientific knowledge in molecular testing and, in turn, help accelerate the advancement of new test methods and technology.

“Roche is very pleased to welcome Pathology, Inc., into the Molecular Center of Excellence alliance,” says Whitney Green, senior vice president, molecular diagnostics, at Roche Diagnostics Corporation. “We value their expertise in women’s health and look forward to working together in implementing molecular technologies in the advancement of personalized medicine.”

“This relationship with Roche will help keep Pathology, Inc., on the leading edge of women’s health services and will help ensure that we are supporting physicians and their patients with the most advanced molecular technologies,” says Vicki DiFrancesco, president and CEO at Pathology, Inc. “It will also integrally support our mission to help doctors personalize patient care.”

As a nationally recognized Roche MCOE, the Pathology, Inc., molecular diagnostics laboratory will offer physicians and patients some of the latest and most advanced molecular technologies, such as Roche’s cobas HPV Test, a screening test approved by the FDA for use in helping clinicians assess patients' risk of cervical cancer based on the presence of clinically relevant high-risk HPV DNA. Learn more about Pathology, Inc.

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