Seegene announces real-time PCR technology for multi-Ct in a single channel

May 9, 2014

Seegene, Inc., developer of multiplex molecular technologies and multiplex molecular diagnostic tests, has announced the launch of “MDisc,” a multi-quantification real-time PCR technology.

In order to detect more than two target genes in a single fluorescent channel, the current real-time PCR technologies must use melt curve analysis after amplification. The limitations of current melt curve-based technologies include the following: end point analysis after a PCR step leads to longer total around time; quantification analysis is impracticable with end-point analysis; and target sequence variations on probe binding region likely leads to melt temperature(Tm) variations.

Additional MDisc technology features include multi-Ct(threshold cycle) values in a single channel for the multi-target detection; SNP genotyping in a single channel such as homozygous wild type or mutant, or heterozygous samples without melt curve analysis; multiple channels not necessary for multiplex target detection or quantification; freedom from well-to-well and instrument-to-instrument variations; and the ability to select fluorescent dyes regardless of real-time PCR instrument type.

According to Seegene representatives, MDisc transforms real-time PCR into a more powerful technology capable of simultaneous amplification and detection of multiple target genes in a single channel without melt curve analysis. “The accurate measurement of both the amount and the number of different pathogens present is required for diagnosis, prognosis, and prediction of disease,” says Jong-Yoon Chun, PhD, founder, CTO, and CEO of Seegene. “Adding the power of simultaneous multi-quantification to real-time PCR will deliver a more comprehensive and actionable diagnosis for improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs.” Learn more about products and services offered by Seegene.

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