Invetech and Biocartis announce collaboration to produce a multiplex biomarker analysis platform

April 16, 2014

Invetech, a creator of custom automation systems, and Biocartis, a diagnostics company focused on personalized medicine, have announced a collaboration agreement to support development and manufacture of Evalution, Biocartis’ advanced multiplex platform for analysis of a broad range of protein and nucleic acid-based biomarkers.

The Evalution platform, designed to support a range of applications in the clinical research and pharmaceutical markets, provides an integrated reaction and detection environment and supports simultaneous analysis of large numbers of analytes per assay. The technology offers real-time visualization of the reaction and data traceability for easy and reliable assay development.

According to Biocartis representatives, key features of Evalution include competitive cost per data point; short time-to-result; minimal processing steps; the ability to run up to 16 samples simultaneously; operator-independent, high-quality data; and a wide range of applications. It is engineered to reduce hands-on time and development complexity, with the potential to streamline procedures for biomarker verification and validation. Currently, Biocartis has multiple scientific collaborations and partnerships in place for the development of novel content on the Evalution platform, targeting development of assays in the fields of oncology, cardiology, neurology, and immunology.

“Our relationship with Invetech has been marked by a high level of collaboration,” says Paul Ladestein, managing director, business unit, Evalution, Biocartis. “We look forward to their contributions to the production and expansion of the Evalution platform and our efforts to improve data quality, speed to results, and cost-effectiveness in bioassays around the world.” Learn more about diagnostics solutions from Invetech.

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