Viewics, Inc., releases a Payor Analytics Solution for laboratories

Nov. 22, 2013

Viewics, Inc., is has announced the release of Viewics Pulse, a laboratory data analytics platform designed to comprehensively serve all data requirements of laboratories and their partners. The first offering built on Viewics Pulse is the Payor Analytics Solution, which enables laboratories to share valuable member population analyses with payors. Company officials note that with declining reimbursements, a competitive landscape, and a shift towards outcomes-based and bundled payments, it is important for labs to provide value-add services to key constituents across the healthcare system, especially payors.

This new vendor-agnostic, payor-focused solution aggregates the lab’s billing information with results data and provides payors with a cloud-based platform to access this data in a variety of formats. With the Viewics Payor Analytics Solution, payors have on-demand, secure access to the information they need to meet their reporting and analytics requirements. The release of this solution expands the Viewics analytics platform and further advances what the company describes as the Viewics team’s mission of placing actionable business intelligence into the hands of lab leadership, patients, payors, and providers.

“Demand for accurate and reliable data spans across the entire laboratory ecosystem, from internal sources to external partners. Viewics Pulse is built to effectively meet these demands for data without having to undertake a significant IT project for each request,” states Dhiren Bhatia, Viewics CEO. View a brief video intro about Viewics’ Payor Analytics solutions.