Medica 2013 showcases a wide range of products for the clinical lab

Nov. 22, 2013

There are more than 4,600 exhibitors and more than 23,000 products. Attendees at the Medica 2013 Compamed trade show this week are glad they brought their comfortable walking shoes. EKF Diagnostics and Diamond Diagnostics are two companies that are actively showcasing new clinical laboratory solutions.

EKF Diagnostics is launching the new version of its Lactate Scout+ analyzer. Initially developed to provide coaches and athletes with a precise and easy-to-use mobile lactate test, Lactate Scout’s additional features and functionality make the device usable in new medical applications. Features of the Lactate Scout+ include results within 10 seconds, 0.2 µL finger prick or earlobe sample, hematocrit compensation, integrated Bluetooth connectivity for data download, and the ability to store up to 250 results. The in-built compensation for hematocrit (Hct) within Lactate Scout+ ensures accurate lactate measurements even at high (>50%) or low (<35%) Hct levels. Its Hct range is 20% to 70%, which means patients with either very low or very high Hct levels can be accurately assessed.

Diamond Diagnostics, Inc., is showcasing its ProLyte Electrolyte Analyzer, designed to quickly and accurately conduct basic electrolyte testing. The instrument features 60-second analysis time, built-in data storage for 1,000 patient results and 1,500 QC results, maintenance-free electrodes, auto calibration, and both Bar-Code and LIS compatible functionality. The company is also exhibiting multiple products for the Siemens Advia Chemistry Systems and the Olympus AU Chemistry Systems and multiple reagent products for the Beckman DXC/LX20 Chemistry Systems. It is also releasing CliniCheck 55, a lyophilized human serum-based assayed chemistry control for use with a number of chemistry systems on the market, including Alfa Wassermann, Beckman Coulter CX, Beckman Coulter Olympus AU, Roche Hitachi, Roche Cobas, Roche Modular, Siemens Advia, Siemens Dimension, and Abbott Chemistry systems. Learn more about Medica 2013.