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Oct. 18, 2013

STAT plasma/serum separation

The PlasmaPrep™ centrifuge provides fast separation COAG or STAT. The centrifuge processes up to six 10.25×47 mm through 16×100 mm tubes at once. It is microprocessor controlled for ease of use. Four preprogrammed spin times provide fast turnaround of test results: 30 seconds for Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), 3 minutes for Platelet-Poor-Plasma (PPP), 2 minutes for intermediate spins, and 5 minutes for hard spins. The heavy-duty rotor does not require replacement. Because the PlasmaPrep centrifuge employs a special patented low-speed technology, there is no hemolysis or other damage to the sample which can occur with high-speed centrifugation. In addition, the centrifuge’s short spin time minimizes rotor temperature rise.

Separation Technology, Inc. (STI), Part of ThermoFisher Scientific

Blood gas collection products

Collection products designed for arterial and capillary blood gas determinations are available in 1-ml and 2-ml plastic blood gas syringes that contain a fine dispersion of calcium-balanced heparin. A ventilation filter cap for the hygienic and contamination-free removal of air from the syringes after blood collection is pre-assembled on the 2-ml syringe or separately, and also serves as a closure for transport to the analyzer. Blood gas capillaries are made of break-resistant plastic with low gas permeability. A variety of sizes and volumes are available. Secure caps prevent blood gases from escaping and contamination by ambient air. Mixing wires and magnet enable complete sample mixing.

Sarstedt Inc.

Pipettes certified for accuracy

UniPlast™ serological pipettes are manufactured in polystyrene as a single piece. The seamless design ensures a complete flow out of the sample and offers a higher degree of accuracy. The pipettes are supplied with an aerosol barrier plug that prevents both liquid and aerosols from contaminating the pipettor. The graduation marks are certified for accuracy. Gamma sterile pipettes are RNase-free, DNase-free, non-pyrogenic, non-haemolytic, and non-cytotoxic.  Available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL, 10mL and 25mL sizes. Each box of pipettes features a dispenser for convenient access.

Globe Scientific Inc.

Sweat collection system

The new ChloroChek® Chloridometer®, a diagnostic companion to the Macroduct®  Sweat Collection System, is intended for the quantitative in vitro diagnostic determination of chloride in human sweat using the principle of coulometric titration. Sweat chloride measurements are used in the laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. Chloride ion concentrations can be determined in samples with as little as 10 microliters of sweat. 

Wescor, an ELITech Group company

Lightweight trolleys and lab carts

When it is necessary to move supplies safely from one lab to another, these lightweight trolleys and lab carts are ideal. Due to their modularity and versatile accessory components, they provide an ergonomic mobile cart suitable for any lab environment. Each cart can be customized to suit individual requirements and preferences. They can be configured with all standard modules, such as additional shelves and auxiliary tops. They are equipped with four swivel casters (3.94″), two of which have roll and swivel brakes. 

Sovella USA

Molecular standards product line expanded 

The G-Sphere® Molecular Standards product line has been expanded to include standards for Eastern Equine Encephalitis, West Nile Virus, and Norovirus GI and GII.  The Standards are synthetic genes that meet the needs of molecular diagnostic laboratories for safe, stable, reliable, consistent, and abundant controls to monitor the performance of molecular assays and instruments. Both DNA and RNA-based standards used in molecular laboratories are available.  

Phthisis Diagnostics, Inc.

Camera systems for microscopy

The SPOT Insight Gigabit Camera, with 4-MP resolution and large field of view, can be used to create live microscopy presentations. It uses a Kodak 21.4-mm scientific CCD sensor. Fixed images can be captured in all common formats for easy addition to tumor board presentations or journal submissions. Low noise circuitry enables 14 frames per second live imaging. The camera adapts to any microscope, and the SPOT Basic Software interface controls the camera on PCs or Macs. The microscope view can be projected on large screens and presenters can add measurements and annotate images live, increasing interactivity and engagement.

SPOT Imaging Solutions Corporation

Safely open blood tubes and ampules

SAF DE-CAP® protects personnel from aerosol and splash when removing caps on blood tubes and breaking open ampules. For blood tubes, the translucent, pliant SAF DE-CAP is placed over the cap, gripped, and the top popped off; for ampules, it is placed over the top of the ampule before it is snapped open. Splashing blood or ampule contents and glass breakage are diminished. Gloves remain clean after using the cap, reducing glove changes and therefore cross contamination from gloved hands to equipment, keyboards, switches, and other surfaces. It is safer than paper towels or gauze because it is impervious to blood, specimens, and solvents. Samples are available by request.

Current Technologies, Inc.