Zenalux adds capability to its system for data collection at desired contact pressure

Oct. 17, 2013

Biomedical diagnostics company Zenalux Biomedical, Inc., has improved measurement reproducibility in its Zenascope system by adding a pressure sensing capability to its optical probe. The system allows users to dial in a target pressure for each measurement via the user interface. After probe to tissue contact is made, the user interface monitors pressure feedback from the tip of the optical probe, facilitating data collection at the desired contact pressure. Tissue physiology is strongly affected by contact pressure.The Zenascope technology measures significant endpoints in biological tissue, including: hemoglobin concentration, oxygen saturation, cell density, and any other endpoints of interest that absorb white light.

The Zenascope PC1, an ultraviolet-visible spectrometer that achieves quantitative optical spectroscopy in turbid media, uses standard spectroscopic measurement hardware, proprietary software, and patented algorithms to achieve rapid, quantitative, and non-destructive analysis of biomarkers that reflect the underlying function and composition of biological tissue. The real-time diagnostic device shines white light on opaque target media and then measures and analyzes the reflected signal. The system achieves rapid, quantitative, and non-destructive analysis of the following biological endpoints: oxy-hemoglobin concentration ([HBO2]); deoxy-hemoglobin concentration ([HHb]); total hemoglobin concentration (THC); blood saturation (SO2); and scatterer size and density.

Applications under investigation for the system include accelerating feedback in drug discovery; breast tumor margin assessment; assessment of response to cancer therapy; and screening and diagnostic applications in breast, cervical, and head and neck cancer. Zenascope is currently designated for investigational purposes only. Read more about the Zenascope PC1.