Roche launches GS FLX+ System software update to extend amplicon read lengths

Aug. 8, 2013

Roche has announced the global launch of a new software update that significantly extends the range of amplicon lengths available for targeted next generation sequencing studies on the 454 GS FLX+ System. The latest Software Version 2.9 enables sequencing of amplicons up to 800 bp while maintaining >99% accuracy over the length of the read. High-quality sequencing of even longer amplicons up to 1,100 bp has been successfully demonstrated in early-access testing. The long read improvements allow researchers to obtain more complete coverage of target gene regions using fewer amplicons, simplifying experimental design and improving the biological relevance of sequencing results.

Long amplicon read lengths are critical for a variety of targeted sequencing applications, including human gene sequencing and viral drug resistance studies as well as microbial community analysis. Early results of targeted sequencing of 16S and 18S ribosomal RNA genes to accurately profile mixed communities have shown that the extended amplicon read lengths allow coverage of more variable regions in a single read. This results in more precise taxonomic assignment of organisms down to the genus and even species level, which is of particular importance for microbiome studies in clinical research.

“This is another step in our continued efforts to drive high quality, long read sequencing advancements for the genomics community,” says Frank Pitzer, President, Roche Sequencing Solutions. “We are actively working to make these same long read developments available on our benchtop GS Junior System in 2014.” Read more about the GS FLX+ System.

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