July 18, 2013

Clinical chemistry analyzers

The RX series includes the RX daytona and RX imola. The RX daytona is an automated, random access, bench top clinical chemistry analyzer that can perform routine, specialized and emergency STAT sampling. It has a throughput of 450 tests per hour, including ISE. The RX imola, a compact, fully automated bench-top analyzer, is capable of handling the workload of a medium- to high-throughput laboratory, with a throughput of 560 tests per hour including ISE. Randox

Automated ESR analyzer

ESR-Auto Plus® is a 10-position automated ESR analyzer that measures the sedimentation rate of erythrocytes in 1.2 ml ESR-Vacuum Tubes. Results are measured in millimeters per hour (Modified Westergren Method) and are available in 30 minutes. The instrument features random access, a built-in printer, sample ID capability, barcode scanner (optional accessory) and a 15-minute prediction mode. The instrument incorporates a quality control system for monitoring the laboratory’s quality control program, and data can be downloaded to a Laboratory Information System. Streck

Urinalysis testing

The CLINITEK Status Connect Urinalysis System delivers wireless connectivity (not available in all countries) and barcoding capabilities. With a software upgrade (V2.5/ and new adaptor, the wireless connectivity and improved barcoding capabilities for point-of-care (POC) urinalysis testing are enhanced enabling greater flexibility, risk management, and speed, as well as providing multiple connection options, including wired, serial, or wireless. The system combines with the CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer, which performs and reads MULTISTIX® brand urinalysis strips, the CLINITEST® hCG test, and provides microalbumin-to-creatinine ratios. Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

High capacity system

The VITROS® 5600 Integrated System is a high-capacity system that uses “integration by design” to increase capacity with 150 reagent positions that allow more than 100 assays to be on-board at once. It also features the Intellicheck® technology to verify system processing and result reporting while reducing errors; V-Docs, onboard documentation information for system operation, as well as troubleshooting and maintenance. Combined with the enGen™ Laboratory Automation System, it is automation-ready.  Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

HbA1c analyzer

The Premier Hb9210 next-generation HbA1c analyzer has a capacity of 210 patient samples and enables continuous loading of samples combined with an analysis time of 66 seconds. It delivers fast, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) HbA1c analysis with a coefficient of variation below 2%. The analyzer is free of interference from common hemoglobin variants to ensure correct HbA1c measurement. The instrument consists of an integrated HPLC system, compact sample handler, workstation with Affinity control software, and a touch screen user interface.  Trinity Biotech

POL clinical chemistry system

Cleared by the FDA specifically for use in POLs, ACE Axcel™ is a self-contained system that can process up to 285 tests per hour with both photometric and potentiometric detection technologies. It can run any combination of single tests, panels or profiles, and has an open reagent system that enables custom assays. Additional features include STAT Interrupt, closed-tube sampling, built-in Internet connectivity, remote access and laboratory integration, and connection to Electronic Health Records using AWDT’s Alfa LIS or other Laboratory Information Systems.  Alfa Wassermann

Chemiluminescent analyzer

BIO-FLASH is an automated, rapid-response chemiluminescent analyzer that adapts quickly to varying workflow demands including STAT testing. It offers random access processing and continuous loading of samples. This small benchtop analyzer offers throughput up to 450 results in a single shift. The system eliminates batching and improves time to result using random access processing to perform single or multiple assays at any time on any sample. Other benefits include an increased analytical measuring range, onboard dilution, and stored calibration.  INOVA Diagnostics, Inc.

Automated immunoassay platform

A full-featured, compact immunoassay processor, the Thunderbolt® Technology Platform delivers exceptional power and flexibility, saves valuable bench space (2'x2' and 65 lb), and provides walk-away processing of virtually any EIA or chemiluminescence assay. Workflow can be streamlined with easy loading, and automated processing, reading and reporting of results. Trained service specialists validate all assays, provide on-site training, and act as a single point of contact 24 hours a day for all issues related to the ThunderBolt. Gold Standard Diagnostics

Bench-top clinical chemistry system

The bench-top Liasys 450 Clinical Chemistry Systems are used for general chemistry, specialty assay, and drugs of abuse qualitative and semi-quantitative testing. This small footprint system is capable of processing up to 450 tests/h and comes with a comprehensive test menu; it is LIS bidirectional-ready and includes a QC monitored on-board cuvette-washing system that delivers the precision and accuracy normally expected from much larger analyzers. On-site installation, training, and post-sales service contracts are available with all installations.  AMS Diagnostics

Automated vitamin D testing

ChemWell® delivers throughput of up to 200 endpoint tests per hour. It combines biochemistry and EIA in one system and provides an economical solution for automated vitamin D testing. It is a PC-controlled, random-access, open system that includes easy-to-use software for programming and running assays, panels, and indices, along with options such as custom designed reports, patient database, and a complete QC package. Other features include reagent and sample racks to accommodate many types of common bottles, vials, and primary tubes.  Awareness Technology

Analyzer with digital immunoassay platform

The Simoa HD-1™ Analyzer is a fully automated digital immunoassay platform capable of measuring individual proteins at concentrations with a 1,000-fold sensitivity increase. The Single Molecule Array (Simoa™) technology at the heart of the platform enables the detection and quantification of biomarkers previously difficult or impossible to measure, opening up new applications to address significant commercial unmet needs in life science research, in vitro diagnostics, companion diagnostics, blood screening, and more. Quanterix

Chemistry analyzer

The BS200 chemistry analyzer offers user-friendly software, a small footprint, next to zero daily/weekly maintenance, and reliability (mean time instrument failure <1 episode per year). It employs photometric and turbidimetric measuring principles, with a 200T/H throughput and up to 330T/H with ISE. Additional features include pre-dilution programming, auto-rerun, built-in barcode reader, refrigerated sample/reagent carousel, and disposable cuvettes. Sample/reagent probes feature collision protection and liquid level detection. The probe depth has built-in automatic adjustment. Mindray

CLIA analyzer

The LIAISON® XL Analyzer is a fully automated, continuous-loading chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer for in vitro diagnostic analysis on serum or plasma. It has a random access throughput of up to 180 tests per hour and 25 reagent integral positions. The system provides an upfront estimation of the consumables on-board; consumables can be added before starting the run. Daily maintenance is not required; the instrument indicates when weekly and monthly maintenance are due and monitors scheduled tasks. The menu includes infectious disease, bone and mineral, and endocrinology assays. DiaSorin

ISE electrolyte analyzer

Pointe 180 impulse™ is a bottle-free, stand-alone, bench top, ISE electrolyte analyzer designed for direct determination of Na+, K+, and Cl- by ion selective electrodes in whole blood, serum, and aqueous QC material. It is supplied with a start-up package that contains a custom reagent pack, Tri-level controls, replacement electrodes, and consumables. The reagent pack, electrodes, and the instrument itself allow for self-calibration and monitoring for troubleshooting issues. Reagents and waste reservoir are supplied in a single pack which plugs into the unit’s side.  Pointe Scientific

Platelet aggregation profiler

The PAP-8E is a software controlled light transmission aggregometer (LTA). It has eight channels and can detect small platelet aggregates. The on-demand optical calibration check and available LTA Check™ test kits and companion software assure the laboratory that it is performing properly. Other features include an intuitive touch screen and standard micro-sample feature, along with unlimited user defined test types, and a simple database backup and recovery. Bio/Data Corporation

Automated sperm quality analyzer

The SQA-V is a high-performance sperm analysis instrument used to test male fertility. It provides a precise and accurate 75-second automated semen analysis and delivers 16 clinical parameters including count, motility (A+B+C), morphology, velocity, and functional sperm. Updated features include WHO 5th Edition software, full dynamic range, auto-transfer to the included data manager, user friendly interface, and improved visualization system.  Medical Electronic Systems, LLC

Purified water for clinical analyzers

Clinical analyzers need to receive a constant and reliable supply of compliant water to produce and reproduce diagnostic tests accurately. Water quality below accepted standards affects result accuracy and significantly impacts running costs. The MEDICA® range delivers consistent water quality and can feed a single clinical analyzer, large automated analyzers, and multiple analyzers on a distribution loop. Features include: flow rates from 7 liters up to 200 liters an hour; meets Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW), (formally CLSI Type I) standard; bypass loop for continual supply of compliant water in emergency situations to the analyzer; service support for maximum operational time; and low consumable and running costs.  ELGA LabWater