Safety products

June 20, 2013

Reduce sharps waste, cost, and CO2 emissions

Your sharps bin may contain up to 70% non-sharps biohazardous waste! Reduce waste disposal and transport costs with the Dynalon Bio-bin®, a new generation of waste disposal container that is an economical alternative to equivalent rigid plastic sharps containers. Now available in 30L size for large volume waste. UN 3291 is approved for handling regulated medical waste. Environmentally friendly, lightweight paper construction made from 96% renewable source can be autoclaved or incinerated. Carbon emissions are reduced at disposal because less plastic is being incinerated.

Winged blood collection set

The K-Shield Advantage Winged Blood Collection Set is safety-engineered to be simple and easy to use. It offers a unique safety tab that stops fingers from sliding up the device and making contact with the needle when the traditional “withdraw then activate” technique is used, eliminating the risk of a needlestick injury. Features include: OSHA compliance; one-handed technique and one-step activation; audible and tactile click upon activation; self-sealing synthetic needle sheath; siliconized needle with less drag, which is more comfortable for the patient; and 12″ tubing with a multi-sample luer adapter, or pre-attached tube holder.

Safety blood collection device

VanishPoint®Blood Collection Set, a safety blood collection device for diagnostic purposes, has a short needle with pre-attached tubing.  Finger grips allow handling without the need for wings. By depressing a trigger located near the finger grip area, automated needle retraction can be activated with one hand. Needle retraction automatically clamps the tubing. The automated in-vein activation can eliminate exposure to the contaminated needle, reduce needlestick injuries, and prevent reuse. Other features include: kink-resistant tubing in 7″ and 12″ lengths; a variety of needle gauges; color-coded trigger indicator to show the needle gauge; and a clear body to allow for flashback visualization. 

Protection from repetitive motion injuries

The KapSafe™ Automated Recapping System is designed to safely and automatically recap laboratory tubes for storage or archiving. It protects lab workers from repetitive motion injuries associated with manual recapping. The bench-top recapper (24″x24″x33″) is economical, automated, pneumatics-free, and recaps all standard vacuum collection tubes up to 1,200 tubes per hour. The archiving caps fit tubes from 13-16 mm in diameter and enable repeated automated decapping and recapping. The system minimizes evaporation and sample contamination for stored sample tubes and provides walk-away operations with a hopper capacity of 4,200 archiving caps and an input capacity of up to 20 multiple types of racks with multiple-sized tubes in each rack.

Don’t leave contaminants behind

Keep your workstation neat, clean, and contaminant free with disposable Bench-Top Keepers™. They are made of sturdy paperboard and plastic lined to avoid leaking and are available in a variety of sizes, offering options for your specific needs. Use them to dispose of contaminated non-sharps like Petri dishes, pipettes, test tubes, applicator sticks, swabs, and other non-sharp items. Self-locking tops keep contents safely enclosed. Containers prominently carry the biohazard symbol. Autoclave contaminated materials inside the container, then dispose of it according to your local, state, or federal regulations. Free samples are available.

Automatically activated safety shield

The VACUETTE® Tube-Touch is a safety-engineered device that automatically activates the safety shield before those providing patient care are at risk of injury.  The unique safety shield releases when a VACUETTE blood collection tube is inserted into the holder during venipuncture procedures. Once collection is complete, the healthcare professional simply removes the needle from the patient’s arm and the shield automatically covers the needle. This type of passive activation also protects the individual in the event of unexpected interruption during the phlebotomy procedure. The Tube-Touch comes completely assembled and ready for use. 

Glove dispensers protect against harmful microbes

One of the most practical and widely used lab organizers is now the ultimate solution for safety and infection control. Store glove boxes in a new, unique dispenser infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection that works immediately upon contact to disrupt the function, growth, and reproduction of microorganisms. These glove dispensers provide enhanced cleanliness and safety, while keeping glove boxes together, organized, and easily accessible. Five models are available that store as many as four glove boxes together on a wall with mounting hardware or with magnetic mounting.

Eyewash for laboratory safety

The SEF-1850 is an eyewash faucet that combines a fully functional faucet with an independently operated eyewash. Two separate water supplies built within the unit ensure that cold to tepid water will constantly bring immediate relief to the victim, regardless if hot water is running from the faucet simultaneously. The user simply lifts the easily designated recognizable lever to instantly receive soothing, temperature controlled, aerated water into his or her eyes. The SEF-1850 is certified to ANSI Z358.1, ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1, NSF 61 & CA AB 1953 standards. The eyewash portion of the unit features 2 gpm flow rate at 30 PSI, while the faucet features a 1.5 gpm flow rate.

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