Updated resource helps pathologists evaluate, implement NGS technology

May 30, 2013

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) recently released its new edition of the “CAP Pathology Resource Guide: Genomic Analysis,” with expanded content to assist pathologists who are considering or planning to adopt next-generational sequencing technologies in their practice. The guide is a collection of CAP resources on genomic analysis, which encompasses large panels, including exome and genomic sequencing. The new tool offers expanded information on establishing new assays in the areas of cancer and hereditary and infectious diseases. In addition, the updated release provides fresh insights and tips from pathology leaders who are early adopters in the field of genomic medicine.

“Next-generation sequencing technology is evolving rapidly. Our initial goal with the first release of the CAP Pathology Resource Guide on genomic analysis was to create a practical guide, with leading-edge information to aid pathologists as they evaluate and implement these new assays using next-generation sequencing technologies,” says Samuel A. Santoro, MD, PhD, FCAP, chair of the CAP Personalized Health Care Committee's Resource Guide Working Group. “We've greatly enhanced the new release to provide pathologists with a more comprehensive menu of journal articles, tools, and resources.”

The “CAP Pathology Resource Guide: Genomic Analysis” is one of four resource guides available free to CAP members. The others cover digital pathology, molecular diagnosis, and the emerging field of in vivo microscopy (IVM). The guides also provide links to webinars and educational opportunities that describe the technology and its potential applications and benefits. Read the table of contents for the genomic analysis guide and access registration information.