Virtual blood cell identification now available from API

March 28, 2013

American Proficiency Institute (API) has integrated the latest technology with proficiency testing to enhance the blood cell identification experience. The API ImageViewer simulates a microscope, allowing laboratories to view a virtual image of the selected cells as well as the surrounding fields.

According to API, the ImageViewer is easy to maneuver; provides a high-resolution image; offers the ability to view an entire slide; can be used for training purposes; more closely resembles a patient specimen, allowing laboratories to identify cells with more confidence; and allows for group discussion after the test event. With a few simple controls, laboratories are able to toggle to full screen, navigate around the slide, zoom to desired magnification, adjust brightness and contrast, and determine the diameter of the cell in microns with the measuring tool.

All laboratories participating in API’s Blood Cell ID program (Cat. #224 or S24) have free access to the ImageViewer. Learn more about services provided by the API.