CellaVision launches a new product for proficiency testing

March 21, 2013

CellaVision, developer of products for routine analysis of blood and other body fluids, is launching a new product for internal and external quality assurance and proficiency testing of laboratory analyses. CellaVision Proficiency Software targets clinical laboratories that assess and perform the classification of blood cells, as well as accredited providers of external quality assessment schemes for laboratory medicine.

With CellaVision Proficiency Software, clinical laboratory professionals can train and test their skills in performing peripheral blood and body fluid differential counts and get instant feedback on their performance. The product promotes independent learning, helps laboratories reduce their time and resources for quality control, and creates an opportunity to increase the quality assessment of the medical test results that provide a basis for patient care and treatment. The product is web-based and designed to support organizations with many users. Located on a cloud server, the program can be run from any computer and any location without the need for software downloads. Users log in to their account through a web browser and can create, distribute and perform proficiency tests, track performance, and compare the overall results.

CellaVision Proficiency Software is available in two versions. The Professional Edition is designed for universities and laboratories with 10 to 100 users. The Enterprise Edition is adapted for integrated health networks and external quality assessment organizations with up to 2,000 users.

Linked to the product is a web portal with a free trial version. At the portal customers can participate in activities to test their knowledge of cell morphology, and interact with peers through the user forum. Access the portal.