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Feb. 17, 2013

Component connection

The TSCD® II is a medical device used to connect two closed sterile components such as a blood collection container, apheresis set, transfer set, or needle set, by making a sterile weld in the PVC tubing connected to these components. Welds made by the system may consist of wet-to-wet, dry-to-dry or wet-to-dry connections. The resulting sterile component may be used in blood collection, blood component processing, or transfusion applications. It is lightweight, compact, and features a pop-up handle for transport. The total system includes the optional Trucise® Management System which offers automated data entry and process control using a range of Microsoft Windows platforms.

Terumo BCT

Safer sample dispensing  

The C-Pette™ makes delivering sample into test cards and point-of-care cassettes simple and efficient. Since the primary sample tube does not need to be opened, risk of exposure to biohazards is reduced. You can use it with any analyzer that requires the delivery of a sample to a test cartridge. Features include: intuitive design; medical grade pretested resin, which can be used for most procedures; clear dispense head, showing blood flow; and availability in two package sizes.

Labcon North America