U.S. patent imminent for Puritan Diagnostics' HydraFlock swab

Sept. 13, 2012

Puritan Diagnostics LLC has announced that the company has received a Canadian patent and has completed examination and will soon be receiving a United States patent for its HydraFlock swab. According to Puritan spokespersons, the HydraFlock swab combines a unique microstructure with innovative fibers to produce superior sample collection, rapid elution, and increased test sensitivity. The Canadian and United States patents are awarded to Puritan for inventing both the unique manufacturing method involved and for the product itself. Patents for the product are also pending in other countries throughout the world.

Puritan also announced today that its Liquid Amies Transport System has received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Previously approved for sale in Europe, the system, which includes the patented HydraFlock swab collection device, is now available in the U.S., along with Puritan’s UTM-RT Transport System. These systems are the crucial first step in the diagnosis of bacterial and viral infections and are designed to facilitate safe and effective pre-analytical specimen collection and transport to the laboratory. They accommodate both automation and traditional liquid specimen processing in clinical laboratories, including culturing and gram staining. Learn more about Puritan swabs and other solutions for clinical labs.